DXP Pacific Industrial Pumps

The Importance of On-Site Pump Training

Every pump on the market has unique specifications, performance standards, and maintenance requirements. Cortech DXP can match you with the ideal pump for your operation. We can custom-configure pumps and their bases, and we can even install them if you require. We specialize in getting pump systems set up to work best for your specific application and to meet your production goals.

However, that’s only one piece of the puzzle. You can have the best pump in the world, designed to do exactly what you require. Yet, if the operators don’t know how to take care of it or garner the best performance out of it, there’s an incredible amount of lost potential. It may work well enough for you, but it’s nowhere near optimized.

Taking Care of Your Pump Systems

A healthy and safe pump system requires ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and adjustments. Seals, bearings, impellers, and other vital components need to be replaced when they become too worn. Lubrication needs to be kept full and fresh to prevent seizures and damage. Flow rates, operating pressures, temperatures, and other performance indicators need to be carefully monitored on a daily basis so the equipment runs efficiently and provides consistent levels of production. If a pump isn’t working right, someone at your plant must be able to recognize the problem and have the ability to do something about it.

Cortech DXP On-Site Pump Training

This is why many clients turn to Cortech DXP for extensive on-site training services. Once we configure and install a pump system, our technicians will train staff on the best operating procedures. This includes safety training, preventative maintenance, minor repairs, and monitoring procedures. Training should be completed by anyone at your operation who is involved with the pump system. If you hire a new team member, we can provide them with the proper training to get up to speed as quickly as possible.

Hands-On Training for Your Team

Cortech DXP on-site training is hands-on. We cover the basics of how a pump operates, plus the not-so-basic, critical details of long-term pump system operations. Our team focuses on specific hardware, maintenance procedures, and schedules and problem-solving practices. This ensures your team is properly trained to run the equipment, and keep it running optimally for as long as you own it. Safety, energy efficiency, troubleshooting, and performance optimization—Cortech DXP on-site training services cover all your bases to help you get the absolute most out of your pump systems.

To learn more about Cortech DXP on-site training and pump maintenance programs, contact us today. Let us help you and your team optimize your pump operation.