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The Latest from Milton Roy

For quite some time, Milton Roy has been a leading product partner with Cortech Engineering. They are known for their high-quality pumps and accessories, and have had some new and exciting things already happen in 2017.
In terms of their company marketing, Milton Roy recently upgraded and redesigned their website (miltonroy.com). It is built on a more mobile-friendly platform with a user-friendly navigation. Their entire website has also been rewritten and they are continually adding new and relevant information to the site. Basically, everything you need to know about Milton Roy and their pump products can easily be found on their new and improved website.
Speaking of products, one of Milton Roy’s most popular sellers this year is expected to be their PROTEUS line of Intelligent Chemical Metering Pumps. These amazing pumps are designed to handle some of the most demanding water and waste management applications. Milton Roy created these pumps to meet the needs and desires of industrial and municipal plant operators. Engineers studied the applications carefully to design the PROTEUS line.
Milton Roy’s PROTEUS pumps feature a universal technology platform that can be upgraded and adapted as technology advances. They perform consistently with excellent process control capabilities to keep up with difficult applications.
Milton Roy recognizes that when it comes to metering pumps, turndown is one of the most common issues relating to accuracy. Turndown is a ratio that enables you to properly adjust the output of any metering pump. They recently released a sneak preview of their latest scientific white paper on the subject of metering pump turndown. It explains all aspects of turndown and how to achieve optimal metering pump processing. To learn more about this, download your copy of the white paper here.
At Cortech Engineering, we’re very excited to see all the great things happening at Milton Roy because we utilize their great pumps and products all the time in our engineering projects throughout the world. They are a wonderful product partner and look forward to our future endeavors together.
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