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The SEEPEX D Metering Pump for Advanced Chemical Metering

SEEPEX, Cortech Engineering’s long-standing product partner, has always been a leader and an innovator in the pump industry. SEEPEX is known for its exceptional pumps, and the D Metering Pump is no exception. When it comes to chemical processing applications, advanced metering pumps will provide you with several important advantages compared to regular pump systems. A metering pump will allow you to process a precise, adjustable and repeatable volume of liquid. In other words, you can move the desired amount of fluids at the exact flow rates you need, which is why SEEPEX’s D Metering Pump is perfect for the job.
SEEPEX D Metering Pump
The D Metering Pump from SEEPEX is one of the leading chemical metering pumps on the market. It utilizes their proprietary BRAVO Chemical Metering System that provides complete process control in conjunction with the SEEPEX PC Intelligent Metering Pump technology.
Such reliable process control begins with the pump itself, which is central to the overall system. The monitoring system involves a variable speed controller, the drive, the baseplate (mounting plate), various sensors, valves, calibration devices, and suction/discharge piping. The intricate configuration provides the most precise results possible, we’re talking about a metering accuracy of +/- 1%!
Metering pumps can control factors such as discharge pressure, inlet pressure, flow rates, liquid quantity, liquid temperature and more. These pumps are ideal for chemical processing applications as well as water and wastewater treatment. Metering pumps can be used with low to highly viscous media, media containing solids and chemically corrosive media.
Features & Benefits
With the SEEPEX D Metering Pump, you will certainly see the differences. Some of the advantages include:
Profitability– Less downtime, less energy, and chemical consumption, easy maintenance, and improved reliability all contribute to better profitability for your operation.
Accuracy– With this advanced metering system, you can control your flow rates and pressures to produce the exact results you require.
Repeatability– SEEPEX D Metering Pumps create no vapor lock with predictable and repeatable flow rates.
Stability– These metering pumps produce very little pulsation, low shear, and the minimal flow variation can handle large pressure fluctuations.
Reliability– SEEPEX D Metering Pumps are easy to integrate and operate. The wear is predictable and the maintenance is simple to plan and execute. They also create a safer environment for workers because there are fewer risks of chemical spills or catastrophic failures.
When you add up all the features and benefits, it’s easy to understand why SEEPEX D Metering Pumps are so popular with chemical processing and other demanding operations of this nature. When you want reliable, predictable and accurate results, this is the pump for the job.
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