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Transfer High-Viscosity Fluids with a Circor Screw Pump

Circor is a leading manufacturer of motion and flow control solutions to handle the most demanding applications. They represent pumps and products from a wide list of brand subsidiaries, including many different types of pumps depending on your needs.

Circor Screw Pump Brands

Circor offers an exceptional line of screw pumps from quality brand names like Houttuin, Tushaco, Warren, Allweiler, IMO AB and Imo. They have a wide variety of two-screw pumps and three-screw pumps to deal with difficult fluids. These multi-screw pumps designs are ideal for high-viscosity fluids like oils and lubricants.

What is a Two-Screw Pump?

The two-screw pump is also known as a “twin-screw pump.” These are commonly used in applications like pipeline transfer. Two-screw pumps are designed for heavy-duty applications where high power is required. One of the screws is driven from the power source of the pump. Timing gears are utilized to then rotate the second screw to produce strong, consistent pumping suction and discharge pressure.

What is a Three-Screw Pump?

The three-screw pump is sometimes referred to as a “triple-screw pump.” Unlike two-screw pumps, three-screw pumps are more commonly used in smaller applications. They are very popular pumps for lubrication systems and feature different engineering principals at work. One screw is driven by the motor. However, there are usually no timing gears needed as the primary screw rotates the other two screws around it. It’s an efficient design, but not one built for heavy-duty jobs like a two-screw pump.

Screw pumps in general are considered rotary pumps. The fluid is pulled in from the suction side of the pump and moves linearly along the intermeshing screws, ultimately flowing out the discharge side of the pump. The clearances between the pump liner and the screws themselves are very small. This allows for the fluid to gain pressure as it moves through the pump, which is key to performance when dealing with high-viscosity liquids and oils. Screw pumps can feature one screw or up to as many as five screws. Each type is utilized for different applications.

Selecting the Right Screw Pump for the Application

Circor specializes in two-screw and three-screw pumps for high-viscosity fluids. From large pipelines to intricate lubricating systems for other machinery, Circor’s screw pump lines give you many different options and configurations to choose from. To learn more about their screw pump product offerings and specs, visit the following links: Two-Screw PumpsThree-Screw Pumps

If you are considering a two-screw pump or three-screw pump for your specific high-viscosity fluid application, it’s important to research all options and configure the pump that is best for your specific application. That’s where Cortech DXP comes in. We’ll help you find the ideal Circor screw pump. Just contact us to find out more about our services and products.