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Use Solar Energy to Power Your Chemical Injection System!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a metering pump that provided continuous use, day and night, without costly energy consumption? If the pump could be powered by solar energy, there would be no fuel required or downtime to fuel it up. There would be no expensive electricity usage. It would be powered by the sun.

Well, solar powered metering pumps aren’t just a wild dream. They’re a reality with Milton Roy’s innovative SOLAROY Series of Solar-Powered Chemical Injection Pumps!

Continuous Operation at Minimal Cost

These metering pumps are designed to last forever and minimize your operating costs by using solar power to run the equipment. They can run continuously for precise and careful chemical dosing applications. You set it up and SOLAROY will do the rest, even in the harshest of plant environments.

SOLAROY Features

Some of the features of the SOLAROY Series of Solar-Powered Chemical Injection Pumps include a durable dual-seal design, multiple cam and plunger sizes for different metering applications, simplex and duplex heads, oil bath gear lubrication for extended life and optional material construction depending on your requirements. SOLAROY pumps are versatile, dependable and accurate, which are the features we all want in a chemical metering pump with the added benefit of being solar powered.

Once you have your SOLAROY pump dialed in for peak performance, you don’t have to worry about it. Beyond some simple ongoing maintenance, it keeps doing what it is designed to do. It’s easy to install and offers exceptional trouble-free performance. SOLAROY chemical injection pumps are also extremely reliable, as you can expect with any Milton Roy equipment. They have been a leading pump manufacturer for over 75 years. They are well-known for their incredible metering pump systems and the solar-powered SOLAROY design is the next advancement of technology.

Incredible Value

Above all else, SOLAROY metering pumps offer the best value on the market because of their solar energy usage. You don’t need fuel or outside electricity, maintenance is minimal and the superior dual-seal design offers a longer pump life than the average chemical injection pump. There is also no seal packing to adjust.

If you are interested in learning more about Milton Roy’s SOLAROY Series of Solar-Powered Chemical Injection Pumps (or any of MilRoy’s other excellent pump systems and accessories), contact Cortech DXP today for additional information and guidance. We’ll help you determine if SOLAROY is right for your operation and get the ideal pump configured for your specific application.