DXP Pacific Industrial Pumps

Utilize Technology to Monitor Pumps Remotely

The pump industry is ever-evolving. Thanks to the industrial internet of things (IIoT), systems such as laser alignment and high-tech pump monitoring and management systems continue to advance. Today’s technology can do incredible things for your pump system.

There are countless benefits to having experienced operators on-site performing monitoring and maintenance tasks. Today’s technology will enhance any pump system operation, including work efficiency and safety for these valued operators. Let’s look at a few specific examples regarding the benefits of remote monitoring:

Enhanced Equipment Control

Technology has allowed us to perform tasks such as ordering groceries from a laptop or mobile device. Similarly, it has made a way to perform key pump system control duties from anywhere. Setting flow rates, adjusting monitor speeds, and enabling timers that match the cadence of equipment start and stop schedules are a few benefits.

Performance Monitoring

Remote monitoring systems allow you to monitor your equipment in real time. This provides extra oversight beyond what the physical operator can achieve in person. Multiple users can access live data like temperatures, pressures, throughput rates, and energy consumption. You will always know what’s going on with your equipment and be able to dial it in through the remote control platform.

Improved Safety

Safety training is the top priority for anyone working around an industrial-level pump system. The use of remote monitoring technology and more advanced equipment can improve your overall safety standards and minimize the risk of human error. Again, there is always a benefit to having a skilled operator working with the equipment in person. This technology comes alongside the operator and enhances the overall safety and control of the equipment.

Failure Prevention

Automated condition alerts and alarms will let anyone know (whether in person or working remotely) when there is a potential problem, which allows you to address minor concerns before they turn into major breakdowns. This can save you a ton of money and time with a better loss prevention system. Don’t wait for the pump to fail. Catch the problems in advance and keep your system running smoothly.

Predictive Maintenance

The remote monitoring equipment is connected to various sensors in the pump equipment. If a vital part like a shaft seal is wearing down, you will know about it ahead of time. The monitoring can also be predictive–self-analyzing operational patterns ensures that maintenance tasks don’t come as a surprise. Proactive monitoring can make preventative maintenance and repairs much more efficient and effective.

Fully Integrated Pump System

You can monitor more than the pump system with this technology. It will also allow you to gain insights on valves, motors, pipelines, any other equipment that you depend on for your fluid, slurries, or solids processing. 

There are many great remote monitoring systems out there. To learn more about this technology and how it—and other advancements—can help you run a more efficient pump operation, contact DXP Pacific today!