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Wastewater Solutions from Clean Water Tech

gem_medium Clean Water Technology has something for everyone when it comes to wastewater treatment. They specialize in making and engineering systems for primary treatment, screens and membrane systems, and bio-degradation. Clean Water Tech prides themselves on implementing systems that are extremely efficient and require a smaller footprint than traditional systems. No matter what type of wastewater treatment your application performs, Clean Water Tech has got you covered:

  • GEM Systems: The benefits of using a Clean Water Tech GEM system are that they use a smaller footprint and less chemicals and they provide drier sludge.
  • Membrane Bio-Reactors: Mainly used in applications for water reuse and other industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, the Membrane Bio-Reactor is compact and uses a single sludge aerobic biological treatment process. It is equipped with an immersed membrane system, setting it apart from its competition.
  • Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors: Referred to as the MBBR for short, this system is easily transported because of its compact size. The ideal application for the MBBR is treating industrial streams that do not create much sludge and in treating municipal sewage of different capacities.
  • Anaerobic Reactors: The process by which the anaerobic reactors work allows for functionality without oxygen. This process can transform organic material that is found in sludge into gas, which reduces solids and pathogenic organisms that are often found in these types of applications.
  • Screen Filtration: The Coarse Solids Screens are used to remove coarse solids that are found in applications within the municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plants.
  • Membrane Systems (UF/NF/RO): If an application requires a very fine degree of contaminant removal, then Clear Water Tech’s membrane systems are just the tools for the job.

Clean Water Tech has something for every type of wastewater treatment application. Whether a whole system is needed or simply some upgrades to an existing system, Clean Water Tech has what you need.