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Predictive pump monitoring

What Is Predictive Pump Monitoring?

Predictive pump monitoring is part of predictive maintenance planning. It is a technology-based approach to pump system monitoring and equipment management. It uses the latest technological resources to help operators monitor their equipment and vital components. Key performance data can be collected using advanced sensors. Then it can be cataloged and analyzed in real-time using artificial intelligence (AI) software.

Real-Time Monitoring and Data Analysis

What does this instantaneous data collection and analysis achieve? Quite a lot if you know how to use the information to your advantage. You can proactively monitor your pump system and each piece of equipment. This includes components most likely to fail or cause problems, such as mechanical seals, bearings, and valves. Motor performance, energy efficiency, flow rates, pump pressure, temperatures, vibration, run times, and other performance indicators can be measured in real time as well. 

Proactive Maintenance and Repairs

Predictive pump monitoring technology identifies any inconsistencies or anomalies in the pump system. You know exactly when something isn’t working correctly or when components are on the verge of failure. This enables you to proactively take care of maintenance or emergency repair needs. In most cases, potential problems can be caught long before they cause major equipment issues. This prevents excess wear and tear or system failures that could lead to costly shutdowns or major equipment damage.

From a maintenance standpoint, predictive monitoring allows operators to know exactly when parts need to be replaced and important maintenance tasks should be performed. You can take action in the most efficient way possible, rather than performing maintenance earlier than necessary or waiting for failures to happen and cause bigger problems.

For example, let’s say you have a mechanical seal on the verge of failure. Predictive monitoring technology alerts you of pressure loss and other measurements that let you know the seal needs to be replaced soon. You are essentially able to replace it before it becomes a more significant concern.

Pump System Optimization

Predictive monitoring technology and a proactive maintenance approach extend the life spans of your equipment. In addition, they dial in your pump system for optimized performance. You collect and analyze data instantly while the pump is running. You see how efficiently the system works and can track important data like energy consumption. You can make adjustments or decide on custom configuration upgrades that will improve performance over time. 

Predictive monitoring technology can be paired with automated control systems and specialty equipment like variable frequency drive (VFD) motors. As the data are collected and analyzed, the system can adjust itself and automate certain aspects of operation to achieve more optimized performance day in and day out. The technology is constantly collecting information and learning, which can be a significant benefit to any operation.

Enhanced System Control

Pump managers also have access to all this data, which can be monitored, reviewed, and controlled from any compatible device with a wireless connection. Data are stored in the cloud, and reports are easy to access from anywhere, whether on-site or at an off-site control center. This may reduce the amount of staff needed to manage a particular pump system. Multiple systems can be monitored from one central hub, thus improving operational efficiency.

Pump monitoring and predictive maintenance technology continue to evolve, and the benefits continue to increase. To learn more about the latest monitoring and control systems and see which are best suited for your operation, application, pump equipment, and budget, contact DXP Pacific today.