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What is SEEPEX Smart Conveying Technology (SCT)?

SEEPEX has always been one of the most innovative pump manufacturers on the market. Their groundbreaking design—Smart Conveying Technology (SCT)—can be found on several different pump lines they produce.

Reduced Downtime with SCT

The purpose of SEEPEX Smart Conveying Technology is to minimize maintenance downtime while significantly reducing life-cycle costs. SCT pumps allow for quick maintenance that is preformed less frequently, so your operation will be up and running again in no time. This leads to increased uptime, productivity and profitability. In addition, the SCT design features an integrated tensioning device. This reduces wear and tear on the equipment to keep your pump system running more efficiently and lasting longer.

Smart Conveying Technology Design

The design of Smart Conveying Technology enables the rotor and stator sealing line to be adjusted easily, allowing quick configuration for specific applications. SCT also compensates for wear. On average, the rotors and stators in SCT pumps last twice as long compared to standard pumps!

Imagine an 85% reduction in rotor and stator maintenance time. This is exactly what you get with SEEPEX Smart Conveying Technology. Pumps with SCT are used across numerous industries and effectively adapted for virtually any type of processing applications and media.

SEEPEX offers an award-winning 1-stage design for pressures up to 4 bar or a 2-stage design for pressures up to 8 bar.

SEEPEX SCT Key Benefits & Advantages

Here are some of the key benefits and advantages of Smart Conveying Technology:

            • Quickness of maintenance (up to 85% less downtime)

            • Ease of maintenance (two-piece Smart Stator and quick-release Smart Rotor)

            • Increased rotor and stator life by up to 200%

            • Patented integrated tensioning device

            • Increased productivity

            • Lower life cycle costs

            • Small footprint for maintenance with no extra space required for stator dismantling

            • Environmentally friendly (separate disposal of elastomer and steel components)

            • Efficient operation

            • Smart Seal Housing (optional) to enable faster maintenance of mechanical seals

An Endorsement of Smart Conveying Technology

Mark Bland was one of the first to run a blind pump comparison between a SEEPEX Smart Conveying Technology pump versus a competitor’s. “I’ve taken apart other pumps in the field,” Mark said. “One that immediately comes to mind is a pump that had been operating in a wastewater treatment plant, and it was a bear. Compared to these SEEPEX pumps, there simply is no comparison. No problems. No bear.”

DXP Pacific has been proudly representing SEEPEX as a product partner for many years. They changed the game with Smart Conveying Technology, which is why we recommend their pumps often, especially when our customers are looking to cut down on maintenance time. Although SCT makes pump maintenance a breeze, they aren’t ideal for every plant. Proper pump selection is critical for any operator, which is why our team helps clients find the ideal pump for any specific application.

To learn more about SEEPEX Smart Conveying Technology pumps and to see if one might be right for your operation, contact DXP Pacific today.