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Why Choose ANSIMAG Pumps?

Sundyne is one of DXP’s longest-running manufacturer partnerships. They are a leading supplier of fluid-handling equipment, including pumps, compressors, and other customized solutions. One of the most prominent brands in the Sundyne family is ANSIMAG. They are known throughout a number of key industries for their innovative ETFE-lined sealless magnetic pump designs. 

Proven Reputation

The Sundyne and ANSIMAG names have stellar reputations in the pump industry. Their equipment is durable, reliable, and cost-effective. ANSIMAG sealless pumps are extremely efficient thanks to their magnetic drive system that requires little energy to provide high power for the pump. The sealless design also adds to the efficiency by eliminating the risk of fluid or air leaks that can often occur with traditional mechanically sealed pump designs. When you install an ANSIMAG pump at your facility, you are acquiring a true workhorse that’s also easy to operate and maintain.

Industries and Applications

ANSIMAG sealless magnetic drive pumps are commonly used in the chemical processing industry. The ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) lining is lightweight and provides superior protection against abrasion and corrosion inside the pump. This makes ANSIMAG pumps ideal for dealing with harsh chemicals and other fluids that might wear out other pumps too quickly. ANSIMAG pumps are also popular in other industries, such as hydrocarbon processing, power production, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, marine, semiconductors, pulp and paper, mining, and water treatment. If you are processing difficult chemicals, acidic fluids, or corrosive slurries, consider an ANSIMAG ETFE-lined sealless magnetic drive pump.

Leak-Free Performance

One of the biggest advantages of ANSIMAG sealless pumps is they eliminate the risk of fluid leaks. This benefits operators in multiple ways. First, you don’t have to worry about air or fluid leaking out of the pump. This is especially important if you are pumping any chemicals or fluids that can do damage to the surrounding environment or create a hazardous situation for your workers. Second, outside contaminants can’t seep into the pump and pollute your process fluids. If you want to keep your chemicals, water, or food and beverage products pure through the pump system, a sealless pump lined with ETFE is the way to go!

The magnetic drive system is also fully encapsulated, which keeps process fluids and other contaminants from infiltrating the motor and causing operating issues.

Ease of Use

ANSIMAG pumps are compact and efficient in design. They are simple to install and easy to maintain. The impeller is replaceable when it becomes worn. The magnetic drive motor is durable and will last the lifetime of the pump with proper maintenance. Speaking of maintenance, ANSIMAG pumps don’t require a ton of extra work to keep running. There are no seals to replace, and maintenance downtime can be kept at a minimum. That means more runtime and production for your operation. ANSIMAG pumps tend to have long lifespans thanks to their simple, yet elegant, engineering.

Is an ANSIMAG sealless magnetic drive pump right for you and your specific application? Contact DXP Pacific today and speak with one of our knowledgeable pump consultants. We can find the right equipment, as well as provide all the pump management services you need to obtain the most out of your system.