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3 Great AODD Pump Accessories

Air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps are known to be very versatile and reliable. They are utilized in many different industries and applications, including mining, water treatment, oil and gas, and food production. The goal of any pump operator is to keep the pump running efficiently with minimal downtime for repairs and maintenance. 

Even the best AODD pumps can benefit from specific accessories. Some configurations may be suited for unique applications. Other after-market accessories and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) add-ons are designed to enhance any AODD pump system with improved efficiency and performance. Here are three of the best AODD pump accessories to consider:

  1. Filter Regulator

A filter regular can be an excellent addition to any AODD pump. These pumps are air-operated, so cleaner, dryer and more regulated air is very beneficial to overall performance. Filter regulators can prevent wet and dirty air from entering the pump. Unregulated air can seriously damage AODD pump equipment or affect other downstream equipment. A filter regular will protect the air valve and remove any potential contaminants from the air lines. This also provides better air flow regulation to enhance pump control. 

  1. Pulsation Dampener

A pulsation dampener (also known as a surge suppressor) is simple to install as part of an AODD pump system. They can help provide reduced pulsation, which results in more consistent fluid pressures during operation. AODD pumps use pulsation as the liquid moves from one diaphragm to the other with each stroke of the pump. The dampener more effectively separates the liquid chamber from the compressed air chamber. This absorbs violent surges that can occur, thus creating a smoother flow. Reduced pulsation can protect the equipment—and the process materials—from excess wear and tear. 

  1. Liquid Level Controller

Liquid level is a significant concern for AODD pump operators. Too much liquid flowing through the pump can be detrimental. A liquid level that is too low can also be problematic. A liquid level controller is a simple device that enables you to monitor the level of the liquid at all times. You can make sure the fluid is maintained at the optimal level. Liquid level controllers utilize a float-operated pilot valve, which controls an air valve. When levels are too low or high, the valve will be automatically actuated to turn the pump on or off. These devices are commonly used in applications such as fluid transfer, dewatering, sumps and tank-filling. 

At DXP Pacific, we service AODD pumps from leading manufacturers like Sandpiper, Nomad, Wilden, Yamada and ARO. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about the benefits and best uses of air-operated double-diaphragm pumps. Our pump experts can also provide guidance for installing accessories such as these listed above. We can help you custom-configure your AODD pump system for optimal performance within your specific application.