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4 Applications for Sliding Vane Pumps

Sliding vane pumps feature a set of vanes that slide into and out of the pump rotor. As the pump driver turns the rotor, fluid, push rods, and centrifugal force create pressure. This causes the vanes to push outward and form pump chambers by pushing up against the inner bore of the pump casing.

Fluid then flows in the space between the vanes once they pass the suction port, transporting the fluid around the pump casing until reaching the discharge port. Sliding vane pumps from innovative manufacturers like Blackmer produce very consistent and dependable results for certain fluids and applications.

Here are four of the general applications for sliding vane pumps according to Blackmer:

  1. Gas & Oil

Blackmer pumps and compressors are used widely in petroleum flow applications throughout the world. They are excellent at transporting thin-to-medium viscosity petroleum-based liquids and liquefied gases. From fossil fuels, propane, carbon dioxide (CO2) and other industrial gases, sliding vane positive displacement pumps provide an ideal combination of characteristics to handle problematic process materials. The special pump liner and sliding vane technology suppress cavitation that can lead to internal damage. Blackmer sliding vane pumps offer dependable performance, strong energy efficiency, and reduced maintenance costs in the gas, oil, and energy production industries.

  1. Chemical Processing

Industrial processing applications often involve very toxic and corrosive chemicals. These chemicals can be challenging to process, and leaks are always a significant concern because of their corrosive qualities. Blackmer produces sliding vane pumps with various materials, linings, and shaft-sealing options to suit even the most extreme chemical processing applications. The sliding vane technology offers a very low shear rate with a smooth flow that won’t pulsate much. In addition, Blackmer’s sliding vanes can self-adjust during operation to provide trouble-free operation and extend equipment life.

  1. Military & Marine

Sliding vane pumps are prevalent in marine pumping applications often employed by the military and cargo transport industries. Shipboard pump systems often involve long, complex piping runs and high suction lift requirements. At the same time, there is limited space for mounting the equipment. Blackmer sliding vane pumps provide excellent mechanical efficiency with a smaller footprint. Their self-priming capabilities and maintenance simplicity is ideal for maritime pumping applications. The durability is also critical when ships are out at sea for long periods, and replacement parts aren’t readily available. Blackmer manufactures HXL, XL and MLX Series pumps, which are ABS-type approved for shipboard duty.

  1. Truck-Mounted Pump Systems

Blackmer sliding vane pumps are great for truck-mounted pump systems, as well. The sliding vane technology compensates for everyday wear that might hinder standard pumps with mobile mounts. They offer high pumping capabilities at lower speeds, leading to less stress on the equipment and the truck itself. They are easy to move from location to location while providing dependable, long-lasting performance for various mobile pumping applications.

To learn more about Blackmer sliding vane pumps and other challenging applications they can handle, contact DXP Pacific today. Let us help you determine if a sliding vane pump is right for your operation and select the best pump for the job.