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A Complete Guide to PumpWorks ANSI Process Pumps

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) sets strict standards for pump equipment utilized in certain applications, most often used for chemical processing or transferring thin fluids like water and alcohols. They can also move fluids with or without solids, depending on the impeller type.

These standards apply to specific pump types. ANSI standards prioritize pump measurements–which must fall within specified dimensions–pump material, and casing thickness. For example, ANSI B73.1 standards require the pump to be rated for 300 PSI per gallon pressure rating and 300°F temperature rating. We won’t go through all the specific requirements here. Still, it is vital to understand ANSI requirements before selecting a pump to handle chemical and other industrial applications where these standards apply.

PumpWorks is a leading manufacturer of specialty ANSI pumps. Each pump is designed and built in the USA to meet exacting standards. PumpWorks incorporates a high-strength carbon steel liquid end and frame adapter material, additional casing thickness, and enhanced bearing lubrication. Similarly, they feature an innovative circular casing and radial vane impeller, allowing for stable operation at low flow ANSI conditions.

Here are PumpWorks’ featured pumps in their ANSI pump catalog:

PWA B73.1 Horizontal Process Pump

The Model PWA is a horizontal process pump that is ANSI/ASME P63.1 compliant. This pump features multiple seal chambers for maximum sealing flexibility and has a back pull-out design for quick and convenient maintenance, while the variable frequency drive provides precise speed control through 500 HP at 460 volts. This pump can handle test flows up to 7,500 GPM, discharge pressures up to 740 PSI.

PWA-LF Low Flow Horizontal Process Pump

For more controlled low flow rates, you will want to consider the PWA-LF horizontal process ANSI-compliant pump from PumpWorks. It also features multiple seal chambers and a handy pull-out design. Its flow and power capabilities match the standard PWA B73.1 for lower flow rate applications.

PWA-IL B73.2 In-Line Process Pump

This is an in-line process pump that meets specific ANSI B73.2 standards. The liquid end and motor support are high-strength carbon steel, while the shaft is 316L stainless steel. The in-line design is a real space saver, making this pump easy to install and maintain compared to most baseplate-mounted pumps. They are also available with a variety of corrosive-resistant allow materials for extreme applications.

PWA-HT High Temperature Horizontal Process Pump

The PWA-HT is for high-temperature applications. Due to the centerline case mount, it can handle temperatures up to 700°F while maintaining critical shaft alignment. In addition, the mechanical seals and bearings maintain optimal performance, even in higher temperatures.

PWA-RC Process Pump

This pump features a recessed impeller configuration. It is designed specifically for reduced liquid velocities, with minimized casing and reduced impeller wear rates. The PWA-RC is commonly used for processing applications involving gaseous or air-entrained liquids.

PWA-ST Horizontal Self-Priming Process Pump

When you need a horizontal ANSI-compliant pump with self-priming capabilities, look no further than the PWA-ST. It handles test flows up to 7,500 GPM and discharge test pressures up to 740 PSI. It also features a variable frequency drive that enables accurate speed control through 500 HP at 460 volts.

PW-VSP Vertical Sump Pump

For a smaller footprint, the PW-VSP offers exceptional flexibility with superior performance. It accommodates up to seven (7) feet of sump depth while the heavy duty models handle pit depths up to 26 feet. PumpWorks also offers an optional vortex design that provides unrestricted flow with little-to-no contact with the solid being pumped.

Power End Pump Upgrade

The PumpWorks Power End is a pump upgrade system that will save you time and money compared to rebuilding or replacing your ANSI pump system. The unit features ISO-MAG bearing isolators, upgraded power ends, reduced oil temperatures, longer bearing life, and reduced oil contamination. The dual sight glasses also allow you to see the oil level at all times, regardless of pump location.

If you have an ANSI application and need a dependable, durable pump to handle your processing needs, consider an ANSI pump from PumpWorks. Contact DXP Pacific today to learn more about these pumps and ANSI pumps from a variety of other top manufacturers. We’ll help you find the best pump system for your operation.