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5 Facts About Water Reuse

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One would be hard pressed to come across a person in California who is unaware that we are in a drought. A big one. All sorts of limitations have been put on the amount of water Californians are allowed to use in any given week and, yet, we still face major issues concerning the water available to us. What else is being done to curb the horrific effects of a years long drought? Well, water reuse is certainly a major component of keeping the effects of the drought at bay for as long as possible.
California has been reusing and recycling wastewater for use for over 100 years. Wastewater is treated and is then used in irrigation, energy production, industry, natural habitat, groundwater recharge, and more. Most of us have seen the signs proclaiming the water being used for irrigation around our cities is recycled water. The benefit of doing this is not having to use precious drinking water for the purpose of watering our plants. To give you an idea of just how much drinking water the state is saving, it is estimated that California produced 1.63 trillion gallons of recycled water in 2003. This amount of water could fill Lake Shasta. And this is just the beginning. Check out these other interesting facts about using recycled water:

  1. The average American is estimated to flush about 27% of their indoor water use.
  2. Wastewater undergoes three different treatment processes to make the water safe for other uses.
  3. The number one use for recycled water is agricultural irrigation followed by landscape irrigation.
  4. California’s use of recycled water has increased 282% since 1970.
  5. A showerhead that leaks ten drops of water per minute can waste about 500 gallons of water a year. It’s a good thing we can put that water to use once it flows down your drain!

Lastly, recycled water can be pumped into the ground to replenish our groundwater supply when stocks are low during drought years. With the unbelievable drought conditions we are currently experiencing, it is more important than ever that we utilize every water resource we have to its fullest potential, and recycled water is full of potential!
That is why Cortech is proud of the products and services we provide. Many pumps work to improve the reuse of water so we can conserve this precious resource for the future. For more information on the different products we have that are incredibly beneficial to mitigating the drought crisis, give us a call today.