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Discovering Monster Food Solutions with JWC

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A food manufacturer and distribution company in Hawaii—HPC Food, Ltd.—recently paired their Monster Grinder—the 3 SHRED H—with a JWC pump to cut their waste volume in half. The company was producing 60 barrels of food waste per day, and the cost to have all of those barrels hauled away was becoming too much. Desperate to find a solution, the Vice President of Maintenance and Operations, Paul Tottori, decided to investigate grinders, compactors, and pumps to minimize the company’s waste volume and find a more cost effective way of removing the waste from the property.
HPC Food, Ltd. sends prepared, cut vegetables and fruits to commercial businesses as well as direct consumers. In preparation, the company trims and removes the ends of all produce. Those ends and trimmings are what make up their food waste each day, and Tottori needed to reduce the amount of space they took up inside the waste barrels. In looking at machines to accomplish this task, Tottori found a match made in heaven. He installed a Monster Grinder 3 SHRED H to grind the ends and trimmings to create much smaller pieces, almost a mash, that would take up less space in the waste barrels. A compactor was connected to the grinder to remove any excess water from the waste and compact the remaining food particles. This alone would have saved him countless barrels to be hauled away, but the idea didn’t stop there. Tottori also installed a JWC pump to filter the water expelled from the food and pump it out of the factory.
The union of these two devices reduced the amount of barrels of waste that needed to be hauled away by half. Instead of 60 barrels a day, the company now produces only 30 barrels of waste per day. Monster Solutions and JWC Pumps work in tandem to provide companies with cost effective ways of doing business. These products positively affect your bottom line and reduce your operating expenses. That is why Cortech is proud to offer their pumps. To find out more about how these food grinders can benefit your business, call Cortech Engineering today at (714) 779-0911.