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5 Water Treatment Solutions from Grundfos

There are a few problems that can arise during water treatment. The trick to solving them is knowing about them in advance and ensuring you have the equipment to get you through them successfully or avoid them altogether. Cortech offers many brands and a variety of equipment to help your water treatment application run smoothly. Grundfos, a trusted brand sold by Cortech, has compiled a list of five common water treatment problems and their solutions.

  1. Inability to see the dosing agent. If you have a system that is closed off and does not allow the operator to see the dosing agent, then they can never be quite sure how much of the agent is actually being dosed. This can cause inaccurate pumping and the application may need to come to a halt to rectify the situation. Using a pump with a window to the dosing agent allows the user to see exactly what is going on in the pump eliminates the reliance on blind dosing.
  2. Inaccurate dosing. Dosing can be very tricky, especially when the amount of the dosing agent is needed in very small quantities. It is important to have a system that can be accurate with even the smallest amounts. A Smart Digital system from Grundfos will keep your application dosing accurate amounts for very small quantities. This system will eliminate a large number of problems.
  3. These previous problems cause a lot of downtime in trying to figure out how to solve the issues and make them right. Downtime equals lost sales and profits, something Cortech does not want for their clients. Utilizing the Smart Digital system will eliminate many of these problems and, in turn, dramatically reduce the amount of downtime your application experiences.
  4. Maintenance must be done on site. If anything were to happen to the pump or anything else within the process, the maintenance must be completed on site. With the new Smart System, maintenance can be completed through the click of a button from anywhere in the world. This reduces downtime and physical restrictions.
  5. Space constraints. Some systems take up a lot of room, and equipment used to make the application more efficient is even more of a space hog. Because real estate is not easy to come by, the Smart Digital from Grundfos is easily mountable in three different positions. This ensures that it will fit anywhere you want it to go.

Cortech sells the Grundfos Smart Digital system to aid their clients in creating a more efficient and profitable application. To get more info about the Smart System or to learn more, contact Cortech today.