DXP Pacific Industrial Pumps

Predict-Plus: Proactive Pump Health Monitoring

Predict-Plus is a new service from DXP Enterprises that offers proactive pump health monitoring. The continuous, 24/7 monitoring system is designed to track vibration and bearing temperature of your pump’s health. Tracking occurs remotely and sends data to the Predict-Cloud for storage and analysis. Predict-Cloud is a powerful tool in reducing costly maintenance and increasing MTBR (Mean Time Between Repairs) by identifying detrimental system conditions prior to catastrophic machine failure. This cloud-ready system can be registered on any Wi-Fi equipped cellular interface to receive alerts and be accessed anywhere.
Compared to other leading companies in the field, Predict-Plus offers pump health monitoring that is affordable and hardwired to be externally powered. This process eliminates the need for batteries and provides an expected device life expectancy of over 5 years. In addition, the built-in data logger provides a dashboard for viewing detailed graphs such as a time waveform and a trending historian.
Want to learn more about how Predict-Plus can provide affordable, 24/7 monitoring of your pumps’ health? Download a free copy of our flyer here for more details.