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6 Qualities to Look for in a Sealless Pump

Sealless pumps are ideal for many processing applications. You don’t have to worry about replacing worn-out mechanical seals, and leaks are not a problem. Sealless pump designs are excellent when transferring corrosive chemicals that can cause excess damage to traditional sealing solutions. The right sealless pump can minimize worries of product contamination or environmental impact from hazardous fluid leaks.

Choosing the right type of sealless pump is critical to success. Many options are out there, and not all designs are suited for every application. Here are some of the features and qualities you should look for in a sealless pump:

  1. Trusted Manufacturer

Research the manufacturer of the pump. Make sure they have a strong reputation for quality products. Study their warranty programs, read reviews, and learn as much as you can about who makes the sealless pump you’re considering purchasing. Don’t just look at the price tag. Remember this is a long-term investment, so the right equipment will provide reliable performance, better production capabilities, and smoother overall operation. At DXP Pacific, we are partnered with the world’s best sealless pump manufacturers like Blackmer, Liquiflo, ANSIMAG, EnviroGear, and HMD Kontro.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Most sealless pumps feature magnetic drive systems. Energy efficiency is a key consideration when purchasing any pump. Understand what it takes to power the equipment and how efficiently it will run for your particular application. Ultimately, energy consumption is a major ongoing cost of operation, so factor in the operating costs when figuring out which sealless pump meets your budget and performance requirements.

  1. Simplicity of Maintenance

One advantage of a sealless pump is reduced maintenance time and costs related to replacing mechanical seals. However, this does not mean they don’t require routine maintenance and occasional repairs. Understand the time and costs associated with proper pump maintenance for any sealless pump model you consider.

  1. Performance Requirements

Sealless pumps generally offer benefits when it comes to energy efficiency, ease of maintenance, and leak-free performance. Consider disadvantages as well. Sealless pumps aren’t usually as effective with fluids that contain solids. They may not run as efficiently when pumping certain process materials. Also consider key performance requirements for your specific application, including flow rates, pressures, temperatures, speed control, and other factors. Your operational needs may determine if a sealless pump is a good solution or if a different type of pump is better. If a sealless pump is the right choice, then your performance requirements will determine which model and size are best.

  1. Pump Material and Coatings

Sealless pumps are often utilized with harsh chemicals and hazardous fluids. You don’t want leaks, and you don’t want traditional mechanical seals wearing out too quickly. Different types of construction materials and coatings are used to build and customize sealless pump systems. Select a pump that can handle your process fluids.

  1. Safety

This is an important consideration when selecting any industrial pump. Most sealless pumps with magnetic drive systems offer exceptional safety standards because of the leak-free performance and fully contained drive unit. Factor in the overall safety of operation when it comes to protecting your workers and environment.

These are some of the features and qualities to look for when selecting a sealless pump. DXP Pacific is here for all your equipment selection and pump management needs. We can find the best sealless magnetic-drive pump for your specific application. We have product partnerships with many leading pump manufacturers and will provide honest, unbiased guidance as you make purchasing decisions. Contact us today to learn more.