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Does Your ANSI Pump Have a 5 year Unconditional Warranty?

Having a secure and reliable power frame is critical in ANSI pumping applications. You need the best equipment, and you can’t afford to have frame weaknesses. A strong power frame can help you avoid excess wear and tear. It can minimize the risk of catastrophic pump damage that leads to failures and extended downtime for repairs. ANSI applications also require pump power frames that are versatile and adaptable to changing operating conditions. 

Standard PumpWorks Power Frame Features

PumpWorks Industrial is the only ANSI pump manufacturer who engineers each of their power frames with every standard feature needed. This includes being the only manufacturer to offer a 5-year unconditional warranty on all power frames. The following features are included with each PumpWorks ANSI power frame:

  1. Carbon steel (WCB) construction for exceptional strength and durability
  2. Wrought steel mounting foot (Group 2 and above)
  3. 316L stainless steel shafts (with sleeved or solid shaft options available)
  4. Finned frame to reduce oil and bearing temperatures
  5. Splash oil lubrication for smooth performance
  6. Glyptol enamel-coated power frame interior surface for improved corrosion resistance
  7. ISOMAG magnetic bearing isolators
  8. Enlarged oil fill connection for consistent lubrication delivery
  9. Enlarged oil sight glass installed on each side of power frame to aid with visual inspections and maintenance
  10. Correct installation of thrust bearing housing
  11. Patented Predict-Plus* proactive condition monitoring availability
  12. Five-year unconditional (no questions asked) power frame warranty
  13. Five-Year zero maintenance power frame (no oil change required)

*Predict-Plus is PumpWorks’ proprietary pump monitoring technology. Stay tuned to the DXP Pacific blog for a feature on Predict-Plus.

A Commitment to Quality

Why is PumpWorks the only manufacturer to offer all of these standard features on every power frame they produce? They are committed to reducing the maintenance, repair, and operation (MRO) spend for their customers. PumpWorks ANSI power frames are simple to maintain and provide reliable operation. This increases uptime and minimizes downtime costs for repairs and maintenance. PumpWorks is focused on providing only the best common-sense solutions. This customer-driven approach is about finding the best long-term solutions for cost-effective operations. PumpWorks believes the most economical parts you can buy aren’t necessarily the ones you need to buy. Finding the right solution is always the most important factor when it comes to equipment selection and configuration.

About PumpWorks

PumpWorks is an exclusive brand manufacturer of DXP Enterprises. Each piece of equipment they produce is manufactured and tested in the United States. They offer fast, efficient delivery. Their pump components are strategically inventoried for rapid shipment. Their ANSI pumps and power frames are available in a variety of material options to suit any process application. 

PumpWorks offers the ePOD Pump Selector platform to identify the best pump equipment based on your specific application. You can also contact the team at DXP Pacific for personalized, expert guidance on PumpWorks ANSI pumps and power frames to suit your operational needs. We’re proud to represent PumpWorks equipment, as well as all of the world’s leading pump and accessory manufacturers. We are dedicated to finding you the right equipment and optimization solutions!