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7 Advantages of Vertical Turbine Pumps

Industries worldwide are using vertical turbine. Due to their continuous engineering evolution, many consider vertical turbine pumps versatile and practical for even the most challenging pump applications.

Consider the key advantages that vertical turbine pumps offer when compared to horizontal pumps:

  • Smaller Footprint

Vertical turbine pumps take up much less floor space and fit into tighter areas while offering a smaller overall footprint. This makes them very popular in situations where space is limited. Naturally, they do take up more vertical space with taller equipment configurations, which is another consideration to keep in mind when considering a vertical pump.

  • Base Material Upgrades

Base materials in a vertical pump are fairly easy to upgrade. This can reduce wear and tear on the equipment, thus increasing the pump’s lifespan and decreasing downtime for your plant.

  • Scalability

To generate the required positive suction head with a vertical turbine pump, its length can be extended below the ground. Phasing is allowed and adjustments are generally simpler to make, allowing for more system customization and adaptability to different environments and applications.

  • Efficient Operation

Most vertical turbine pumps are self-priming, which eliminates one common challenges with many horizontal pump. The operator does not have to fill the pump with liquid, remove air, or create a vacuum. Vertical pumps can operate without priming and the first stage impeller can start pumping with a minimum liquid level. Not all vertical turbine pumps are self-priming, so if this feature is important to you, be sure to confirm before purchasing and installing.

  • Motor Control

The motor’s location on top of a vertical turbine pump offers convenience in monitoring and controlling. Similarly, motor placement keeps the motor away from flood zones to avoid damage and safety concerns.

  • Safety

Vertical turbine pumps offer numerous safety advantages, including a submerged pump element, top-mounted drive motor, and steeper head-flow curves. Each feature contributes to a safer operation and reduced cavitation.

  • Versatility

Vertical turbine pumps utilize hydraulic designs that offer excellent flexibility. They can handle the lowest net positive suction head available (NPSHa), broad specific speed (Ns) range, and pressure by staging. The self-priming capabilities also offer added versatility for a variety of environments and applications.

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