DXP Pacific Industrial Pumps

When are On-Site or In-House Pump Repairs the Best Fit?

DXP Pacific goes beyond pump equipment supplies—we provide professional pump system design, installation, maintenance, training, and repair services as well. In addition, your preventative maintenance program will be completely tailored to your needs.

To your equipment running optimally, consider whether on-site or in-house pump repairs are the better fit.

Pump Repair Services

What happens when you experience a significant problem and need pump system repairs? We can provide emergency pump repair services, including problem diagnosis and a thorough repair plan. As you might expect, some repair jobs are much easier than others. This is why we offer both on-site and in-house repair capabilities.

Depending on the extent and complexity of any given pump repair project, we may be able to fix your equipment at your site. Alternatively, there are some cases where we need to bring the equipment (or at least certain components) back to our shop for specialty repairs.

Pump Inspection & Repair Diagnosis

When you call DXP Pacific for repairs, we will send one of our experienced pump technicians out to your site as soon as possible. They will run diagnostic tests and perform a thorough physical inspection to determine the source(s) of the problem. Then, we can recommend the specific repairs. New parts may need to be ordered if we don’t have them readily available, which may add some time to the repair process.

If the repair can be completed on-site, our team will handle it. This is the preferred solution for most, but since some repair jobs and inspections can’t be properly completed in the field, our exceptional repair, design, and engineering facility at our headquarters will take care of the toughest pump repair challenges.

Advanced Pump Repair Solutions

You have essential work to do and no time to waste, which is why DXP Pacific’s advanced repair recommendation—whether the entire pump or only a few damaged components—will be the most efficient route possible. Some parts may need replacing, refurbishing, realigning, or even reengineering. No matter the case, our advanced technology and old-school ingenuity from our most seasoned pump technicians will fix your damaged pump in no time.

Our goal is to get the job done properly, no matter what it takes. This is our commitment when providing professional pump repair solutions for our valued clients. To learn more about custom pump maintenance and repair service plans, contact the DXP Pacific team today. We’ll help you find the right pump for your specific application and then keep it running its best for many years to come!