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A Closer Look at PumpWorks ANSI Process Pumps

ANSI process pumps are a specific type of end-suction centrifugal pump with a single-stage design. They are used primarily in chemical processing, and can also be found in refineries, ethanol production, paper mills and various other industries. They are designed to meet strict ASME B73.1 standards. Although every pump built to meet ASME standards have certain characteristics in common, they each have important engineering differences to understand when deciding which ANSI pump is right for your operation.
PumpWorks is a leading pump manufacturer with an excellent line of ANSI process pumps. Each one is designed, built and tested in the United States based on exacting ANSI, ASME and ISO standards.
Feature-rich design by default is one of the things that sets PumpWorks ANSI pumps apart from products built by other manufacturers. Many of the standard features PumpWorks includes in their pumps are  considered options and extra “add-ons” elsewhere. These include a high-strength carbon steel liquid end and frame adapter, upgraded bearing lubrication system to increase bearing life and extra casing thickness to protect against abrasive and corrosive materials.
PumpWorks ANSI process pumps also utilize some innovative design features that you won’t find with other manufacturers. When you combine a unique circular casing with a radial vane impeller, you get more stable operation—especially when running in low-flow ANSI conditions.
Here is a rundown of PumpWorks ANSI process pump series:

  • PWA B73.1 Horizontal Process Pump—Specifically designed to meet B73.1 standards with a horizontal configuration.
  • PWA-LF Low-Flow Horizontal Process Pump—Includes multiple seal chambers for optimum sealing flexibility in low-flow operations.
  • PWA-IL B73.2 In-Line Process Pump—Meets B73.2 standards with a space-saving configuration to reduce installation costs and make maintenance easier.
  • PWA-HT High Temperature Horizontal Process Pump—Designed to operate at extreme temperatures up to 700 degrees F without losing critical shaft alignment or compromising bearing or mechanical seal performance.
  • PWA-RC Process Pump—Recessed impeller centrifugal pump designed specifically for reduced liquid velocities. Ideal for entrained gaseous or air-entrained liquids.
  • PWA-SP Horizontal Self-Priming Process Pump—Horizontal pump with self-priming capabilities and a variable frequency drive to provide precise speed control.
  • PW VSP Vertical Sump Pump—Sump pump with a compact vertical design that can handle up to seven feet of sump depth.
  • Power End Pump Upgrade—This is a special pump upgrade program from PumpWorks that allows for superior pump upgrades that will save time and money compared to buying a new pump or rebuilding an old one.

PumpWorks has a lot of incredible ANSI process pump options to meet any processing need. For help in selecting the right pump for your operation, properly installing the new pump, and keeping it maintained for ideal performance and durability, contact Cortech Engineering today. We’ll give you all the product specs and support you need to make the best purchase decision.