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The Importance of Flow Meters for Optimal Pump Performance

When you are looking for dependable performance and predictable flow rates, installing an in-line flow meter can make a major difference. Especially when combined with a broad data-analysis strategy, flow meters provide valuable insights that help operations keep their systems running efficiently and reduce maintenance costs.
Variable Conditions
Pump designs and equipment keep evolving to deliver more efficient pump systems and specific results within various applications. Technological progress has led to more accuracy and reliability. Despite all the innovation, every operation is still at risk of difficult or unanticipated conditions causing pump failure and unexpected component wear.
An in-line flow meter provides valuable diagnostics information. It is a passive device and provides a true indicator of actual pump flow, allowing operators to compare actual results against what is required given the pump’s revolutions per minute (RPM) and other technical measures. For example, an in-line flow meter can indicate that a supply system is running low on material if the actual flow rate is lower than should be the case given the pump’s RPM.
Avoiding Pump Cavitation
A pump must maintain sufficient pressure during operation to avoid cavitation. You cannot automatically assume that your flow rate is increasing just because your pump speed has increased. The pump inlet supply pressure must be sufficient to operate the pump at higher speeds. Otherwise, cavitation can occur when a vacuum develops. This will lead to damage and poor pump performance. The small air bubbles produced by cavitation often are hard to detect. A good in-line flow meter can indicate that something is off, which allows for you to correct the cavitation issue before it develops into something much worse.
Go with the Flow Meter
No matter what your application, installing a flow meter is a great idea. It essentially monitors the overall system operation and allows you to keep your pump operating as healthy as possible. This means less downtime, fewer repairs and parts replacements, and increased productivity.
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