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All Things Must Flow with SEEPEX

SEEPEX believes all things flow and change, just like the variety of process fluids their pumps are designed to handle. They are always looking to innovate and push the pump industry forward with new technology and evolved pump designs. They don’t believe in standing still and it shows!

A subsidiary of Ingersoll Rand, SEEPEX is known worldwide for exceptional pumps and accessories, with manufacturing facilities located in Ohio, Germany, and China. With service centers and distributor partnerships all over the globe, they can provide seamless support and custom solutions.

Industries & Applications

SEEPEX is known for its line of progressive cavity pumps, which handle everything from aggressive chemicals and abrasive media to highly viscous fluids and sanitary products. They also produce specialty lines of open hopper pumps, metering pumps, food and hygienic pumps, semi-submersible pumps, wobble pumps, and macerators.

The following industries utilize SEEPEX pump systems for many different processing applications:

           • Food & Beverage

           • Environmental Engineering

           • Oil & Gas

           • Petrochemicals

           • Agriculture

           • Chemical Processing

           • Water & Wastewater Treatment

           • Wood Processing

           • Construction

           • Marine

           • Textiles

           • Transportation

Smart Conveying Technology (SCT)

One of SEEPEX’s most innovative developments is Smart Conveying Technology. They designed a Smart Stator and Rotor as separate components, which enables the sealing line between them to be adjusted easily. SCT pumps can be quickly adapted to changing conditions and varying applications. In addition, the SCT stator and rotor are easy to maintain. Downtime is minimized and the components themselves last much longer.

Standard Progressive Cavity Pumps

The N module is the basis for all SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps. These pumps can handle varying degrees of fluid viscosity, with and without solids, and are adaptable to virtually all industries. The benefits of SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps include excellent compatibility with other equipment, low pulsation, low shear rates, and powerful suction.

Open Hopper Pumps

SEEPEX’s T line of open hopper pumps is designed to convey everything from highly viscous fluids to semi-solid products. They offer low flow and excellent control with the open hopper and screw conveyor configuration. The pitch and diameter of the conveyor can be adjusted for different media. These open hopper pumps are simple to maintain and very reliable with robust construction.

Metering Pumps

The D line of metering and dosing pumps from SEEPEX provides exceptional precision for controlled chemical dosing applications (+/- 1% accuracy). These metering pumps offer low pulsation and shear and consistent flow rates. Each pump system can be customized and dialed in for specific metering results and to handle the unique chemical properties of any process media.

Food & Hygienic Pumps

For sanitary applications, such as food, beverage, and pharmaceutical production, SEEPEX offers the CS line of hygienic pumps. They can process high- and low-viscosity substances with minimal shearing. All SEEPEX hygienic pumps comply with EHEDG, BCFH, FDA, and 3-A regulations. They are easy to maintain and provide residue-free cleaning to meet the strictest of sanitary standards.

Additional Products from SEEPEX

SEEPEX also produces a powerful semi-submersible pump (E line), an economical wobble pump (W line), and the M line of dependable macerators for wastewater and downline applications. In addition, SEEPEX can provide custom pump system solutions based on your specific needs and requirements.

DXP Pacific Product Partnership

To learn more about SEEPEX and to see if their pump products are the ideal fit for your application and budget, contact DXP Pacific today. Let our team help you research all your pump options and find the best solution for you.