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The Pros and Cons of Aftermarket Pump Parts

Many third-party manufacturers offer replacement parts, upgrades, and customizations designed to benefit your pump system. Trusting something not made by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) may be challenging. Aftermarket parts may be cheaper or make bold promises, but may also lack in the results you are seeking. Let’s explore some of the pros and cons of using aftermarket pump parts, specifically non-OEM replacement parts rather than third-party upgrades and customizations. 

Understanding the benefits of these parts  requires more specific research to understand specific advantages or disadvantages. To start, stick with products from a reputable manufacturer or supplier and steer clear of any names you don’t know.

 Non-OEM Pump Parts

When it comes to non-OEM replacement pump parts, there are usually a few reasons you may consider going with an off-brand name:

  • Lower Price: The part has a significantly lower price point than the OEM replacement.
  • Availability: The part is more readily available for a quick fix.
  • False Advertising: The part is counterfeit and it can be hard to tell the difference when not buying from the original manufacturer.

 It is understandable that you may simply be looking to save time and money, and with that intention, some  aftermarket parts may end up working just fine. However, others may cause you more headaches, as you may get something that doesn’t quite fit your equipment or leads to pump problems like leaks, lost pressure, high temperatures, etc.

Stick with Brands You Know

Let’s say you have an industrial pump from a leading brand-name manufacturer like Sandpiper, Milton Roy, SEEPEX, KSB, or any of our reputable product partners at DXP Pacific. 

Should you need to replace a worn mechanical seal or bearing, you will shop around and find one that looks identical to the original. However, it is a copy made by an unknown manufacturer. It is ready to ship quickly and is less expensive than the same pump part from the OEM. You are taking an inherent risk purchasing and installing it in your pump system.

At DXP Pacific, we know our manufacturers and distributors well. We know the products and which parts work with which pumps. While we do represent specialty aftermarket manufacturers like John Crane or Flex-A-Seal, they do have mechanical seals that can provide significant upgrades over the original pump parts. We make sure to take the time to ensure proper fit and performance.

However, we understand many pump operators are buying products directly. If you don’t know for sure about an aftermarket part, you are generally best off buying replacement parts from the original manufacturer. This will give you more peace of mind.

Avoiding Aftermarket Parts

Here are a few more specific reasons to avoid aftermarket parts:

  • Voided Warranty
    • Most OEM pump warranties are voided when non-authentic parts are installed. This may not matter as much on older equipment no longer under warranty. However, it may make a difference if you would like to keep your warranty intact.
  • Less Service and Support
    • With aftermarket parts, you may also be sacrificing professional service and support from the OEM or your pump product distributor. They know these products inside and out and can troubleshoot problems and identify effective repairs. However, they may not be able to offer support if you have modified the equipment too much with secondary components.
  • Safety & Compliance Risks
    • Not only are you risking further pump damage and downtime if the new part fails, you are potentially risking the safety of your workers. You could violate OSHA and specific health and safety standards in your industry or encounter environmental issues that may lead to costly fines and shutdowns. You could also lose important licenses and compliance certifications.

When it comes to aftermarket parts, try to work directly with the original manufacturer. Or consult a trusted pump sales and service expert like DXP Pacific before you purchase any replacement parts.  

If you need replacement pump parts or have questions about aftermarket pump products to customize or upgrade your pump system, contact DXP Pacific today.