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An Introduction to Membrane Technology from Water Planet

One of Cortech’s core beliefs lies in supporting and selling products that allow for greater sustainability and environmental protection. As the world continually changes and the need for solutions that require producing more or using less water and becoming more energy efficient in all ways of life, Cortech seeks out companies that strive for the same thing. Water Planet is an excellent example of another company that exemplifies these crucial characteristics. Water Planet manufactures and utilizes membrane technology for water and wastewater treatment.
Membrane technology has been gaining more and more acceptance as a standard for technology since the 1990s. The technology replaces traditional ways of treating wastewater such as sedimentation and granular media filtration. One of the main concerns of the planet today is the lack of water that so many countries are facing. Companies are on a continual search to find efficient and effective ways of taking wastewater and seawater and filtering it so that it can become fresh, drinkable water. Membrane technology is one way to make this happen. The membranes work as a filter that remove solids such as bacteria, protozoa, clay particles, viruses, proteins, and macromolecules. The use of membrane technology reduces the need for chemicals, chemical softening, and ion exchange, all of which are potentially harmful to the earth.
Another great thing about membrane technology is the length that membranes can be used. Many of them are expected to be in use for upwards of ten years. This reduces costs on new parts in terms of both replacement and maintenance. One downside is that they do such a good job at removing particles from liquid that they do need to be cleaned often to remove debris from the membrane to keep it from clogging. But the benefits of this technology far outweigh the regular maintenance needed.
Cortech continually endeavors to find and learn about technologies like membrane technology used by Water Planet. Using innovative ideas to solve the world’s water crisis is no easy feat, but it is certainly possible through the diligence and perseverance seen in the products at Water Planet. As we all continue to work together to strive to make the world a more self-sustaining place, Cortech sees great things happening in the future.