DXP Pacific Industrial Pumps

The Power of Carbon Steel

One of Cortech’s most recognized names in pumps are the ANSI Pumps by Pumpworks. These pumps are strong, durable, and reliable. Cortech is proud to sell and stand behind superior products like ANSI Pumps by Pumpworks.
One of the features that makes ANSI Pumps by Pumpworks so sought after is that they are constructed of carbon steel. There are many different types of steel and other metals that all come from iron ore. Carbon steel is a steel alloy that is pulled from the impurities and imperfections of iron ore when it is melted down. The process of removing the impurities from iron leaves carbon steel. If the resulting impurities are composed of less than 2% carbon, then it is considered carbon steel; above that, but generally around the amount of 4% carbon, the resulting compound is called cast iron. Both substances are utilized well for many purposes, but there are some significant differences between the two.
The reason Pumpworks uses carbon steel to manufacture their pumps is because it is does not rust, is malleable, and superior in tension to cast iron. While cast iron can be easier to form and shape when in a molten state, the final product produced with carbon steel is much more suited to creating solid, high-quality pumps. For Cortech clients, pumps that will not rust or begin to lose their shape when heated to very high temperatures are very important. It ensures that the pumps will withstand the corrosive and abrasive applications that many of Cortech’s clients perform.
While cast iron is cheaper than carbon steel, it was clear to Pumpworks that using a more expensive material would benefit their customers who utilized ANSI Pumps. Cortech values companies that make these types of decisions with their customers in mind, and not just their bottom line. To order a carbon steel ANSI Pump by Pumpworks, contact Cortech today.