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ANSI Pumps – Discover This American Original

PUMPWORKS’ New Ansi Pump Is Far from a Copy of other industry ANSI pumps. This pump is an American Original!
PumpWorks Industrial has released the perfect solution for you. The new ANSI pump is made of carbon steel, a
superior material in pressure capabilities. All pumps are sourced, manufactured, assembled and tested in the USA so they can be shipped and installed quickly. Many of my clients have expressed their frustration with waiting for pumps overseas. Now you can order a competitively priced pump made of the highest quality materials without waiting for long shipping periods.
Four Unique Models: 

  • ANSI Horizontal Pump
  • ANSI Horizontal Low Flow Pump
  • Horizontal Self Primer Pump
  • ANSI In-Line Process Pump

Features You Can Count On:

  • PumpWorks ANSI products are 100% made in the USA, with American Steel
  • No castings or raw material from China, Mexico or any other non-domestic sources. All our competitors source either castings or finish machined components from overseas
  • Power Frame has 5-Year UNCONDITIONAL WARRANTY, no questions asked
  • Power Frame is Cast Steel, not Cast Iron
    • Rear foot is machined wrought steel, not cast iron
    • Thrust bearing housing is machined wrought steel, not cast iron
    • Cast/wrought steel reduces the risk of cracking due to impact or thermal shock
  • All alloys are available for wetted components and power frame of the pump
  • Compatible with Gould’s 3196
  • Standard Shaft material is 316LSS instead of 4140 steel with sleeve
  • Power Frame is ribbed creating 50% more surface area, and far better heat dissipation
  • Power Frame internals are enamel coated, eliminating the risk of rust in the event moisture contaminates the oil
  • Flinger disk/splash oil lubrication reduces viscous drag and heat generation associated with flood oil lubrication
  • In-house 3D printed patterns for superior casting repeatability and quality
  • In-house foundry for superior casting quality, multiple alloy options and fast delivery
  • PumpWorks ANSI pumps only use genuine SKF bearings
  • Standard coupling guards are non-arcing/non- sparking aluminum

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