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Benefits of the MX High Head Dewatering Pump

The MX high head dewatering pump is the best in its class. This pump was designed with high heads in mind and can handle heads of up to 800 feet. In addition, flow rates of up to 4000 GPM are handled with ease. The MX high head dewatering pump provides a long service life and many benefits across all applications.
In comparison to other pumps of its class, the MX high head dewatering pump offers superior operating pressures while still being more dependable than its counterparts. No matter what your application is, this pump is sure to provide efficiency and consistency for the long haul. It can be purchased in horizontal frame mount or SAE engine mount styles allowing for flexibility within your process setup.
As far as construction goes, the MX series pumps have an all iron construction for durability and strength. The case is manufactured with ductile iron and a CA6NM impeller. Standard impeller wear rings and volute wear rings come installed on the pump, but the option is available to have both hardened to withstand even your toughest applications. The impeller wear ring can be hardened to 375-500 BHN, and the volute wear ring can be hardened to 450-500 BHN. The strength of this pump is unmatched. In addition to the optional hardness in the wear rings, the pump can also be shipped with a Run-Dry™ option.
But the pump isn’t solid iron. It is equipped with a 4142 alloy steel shaft to increase durability where you need it the most. Each section of the frame is oil fitted or grease lubricated to keep the pump running smoothly, and the impellers have been dynamically balanced to ensure proper functionality. The pump is truly designed to withstand even the toughest applications. And if your process is particularly abrasive, 420HT shaft sleeves are available with this pump.
For all of your toughest dewatering applications, the MX high head dewatering pump is the pump designed to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and consistently for years to come. Call Cortech today to order an MX high head dewatering pump.