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The History of Milton Roy Pumps

MiltonRoy Milton Roy Pumps was started in 1936 by Milton Roy Sheen and his son, Robert T. Sheen. The two were working for what is now called GE Water, and they saw a need for controlled volume pumps. The two knew they could construct and manufacture a quality pump that was much needed within their industry of work. They set to work in Milton Roy Sheen’s basement and from there, started one of the most well-known and respected pump companies in the world.
Shortly after making and selling their first few pumps, the two realized they needed to put more focus on their pump business, so they quit their jobs and began working solely on developing and building pumps. By 1940, their name was firmly established within the industry, and they were ready to expand from the manufacturing plant in Philadelphia they had moved into after leaving Sheen’s basement. The father and son team knew the best way for their business to succeed was to diversify. With this in mind, they ventured into chemical instrumentation in the 1950s and then into the biomedical field in the 1960s. The expertise of the Milton Roy scientists, developers, and engineers led to their crucial role in the development and manufacture of contact lenses.
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The company’s prestige and continued growth allowed them to continue expanding the business by acquiring companies such as Serfass Corporation, Hartell, and Liquid Metronics Incorporated and creating a partnership with Dosapro. Finally, in 1991, Milton Roy was acquired by Sundstrand, and it continues to be a successful and respected pump manufacturer.
In 2006, Milton Roy celebrated their 70th anniversary of profitable innovations that would continue to impress and make both Milton Roy Sheen and Robert T. Sheen proud. Milton Roy pumps are still considered some of the best pumps in the industry, and their continued development and advancement of state-of-the-art pumps are what keeps Milton Roy pumps constantly in use across the globe.