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Benefits of the Vogelsang XRipper Grinder

Many DXP clients are switching to the XRipper Grinder from Vogelsang, as many other grinders just don’t offer enough consistency and durability. 

Vogelsang raised the bar for industrial grinder systems when they introduced the XRipper. It offers incredible grinding and maceration results with a streamlined configuration that is easy to install and operate in any condition.

Vogelsang XRipper Twin-Shaft Grinders

The heart of the XRipper design is its twin-shaft engineering, where the rotors themselves act as the shafts. It offers high-torque grinding capabilities with robust performance. You can grind, shred and reduce your wastewater debris with the advanced cutting system. The Ripper Rotors are heavy-duty cutting elements. Each one is cut from a single block of specially hardened steel, using precise CAD design and CNC machining. 

These rotors provide consistent torque across the entire unit. More torque can be generated at lower operating speeds. Compare this to individual blades used in other competitors’ grinders, which can loosen and experience excess wear over time. XRipper Rotors are built to stand up to the toughest wastewater grinding conditions with strong wear resistance.

The XRipper twin-shaft design also compensates for higher flow rates. The one-piece rotors are sturdy, and do not require center bearings or extra support components. You have a more rigid cutting assembly with minimal shaft deflection, which reduces wear and cuts down on maintenance time. 

XRipper Grinder Manholes

Vogelsang offers the XGrinder technology in self-contained manhole units. These are prefabricated packages made of high-grade fiberglass. The grinder and motor are all inside. Vogelsang manufactures the prefabricated XGrinder Manholes in a variety of sizes, ranging from a 48-inch diameter to a 96-inch diameter. Each of these diameters can accommodate a single grinder, a dual grinder or a combination of a grinder and bypass channel. 

The XGrinder Manholes also feature sturdy access ladders, exhaust fans/vents and intermediate platforms for easy maintenance. They are ideal for a wide variety of in-line sewage grinding applications and can easily be installed in most operating environments. All you need to do is dig a hole and drop in the XGrinder Manhole!

Benefits of the XRipper Grinder

In addition to the exceptional design features and performance capabilities of the Vogelsang XRipper Grinder, here are a few more benefits to consider:

Replacement Offer—If you are facing major repairs on your current grinder unit, send us the repair or replacement quote and Vogelsang will match the price with a brand new XRipper unit.

Drop-in Replacement—The XRipper matches most common channel dimensions and existing wet well designs, making them easy to install if replacing an older grinding unit.

Warranty—Vogelsang backs the XRipper with a 2-year warranty with 100% coverage on parts and labor, including worn parts such as cutters and mechanical seals.

Lifetime Savings—The XRipper provides you with long-term cost savings with lower repair costs, exceptional reliability and on-site servicing.

Ease of Maintenance—The XRipper can be maintained on the side and it uses 40-50% fewer wet-end parts than other grinders. Maintenance is simple and minimal, which maximizes your production uptime and minimizes replacement part costs. 

To learn more about the XRipper Grinder from Vogelsang and find the right configuration for your wastewater grinding application, contact DXP Pacific today.