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Precision Pumps from Milton Roy

Milton Roy is a leading pump, mixing, and metering equipment manufacturer. They are known globally for exceptional products and precision-based designs. Milton Roy is the name to know when you need accurate results for demanding applications like chemical dosing.

Industries & Applications

Milton Roy chemical pumps and other processing equipment are utilized in various industries including chemical processing, renewable energy production, oil and gas, petrochemicals, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, water, and wastewater treatment, and mining.

They are best known for their chemical metering pumps and control systems, which provide accurate chemical dosing for mixing dangerous chemical compounds or treating water and other fluids. Precision is so critical in these applications. Milton Roy understands the needs of operators in these industries. They’ve created products that provide ideal solutions for facilities at which they are being utilized.

Milton Roy Chemical Pumps

Milton Roy chemical processing and metering pumps are among the best on the market. We regularly recommend MilRoy pumps to DXP clients who are looking for accurate results and long-term dependability. They offer a wide line of chemical metering pumps to suit your specific pumping and dosing needs:

           • G Series/MACROY: Low-pressure, high-output water treatment

           • CENTRAC Series: Extreme performance and accuracy

           • MAXROY Series: For the toughest chemical applications

           • MILROYAL: For high-pressure applications (modular design)

           • MROY Series: Metering pumps for accuracy and reliability

           • PROTEUS Series: Enhanced control and automation

           • PRIMEROYAL/PRIMEROY Series: Versatile and reliable metering pumps

Milton Roy Process Pumps

When it comes to chemical injections, general fluid or chemical processing, and a variety of other common applications, Milton Roy process pumps are built to last. They offer dependable performance and accurate processing control. They are available in two different pump series:

           • MEGAROYAL Diaphragm Process Pump—Exceptional leak-free performance, ideal for high-volume chemical injection applications. The modular design allows for easy custom configuration while keeping its footprint to a minimum.

           • POWEROYAL Positive Displacement Reciprocating Pump—These pumps are excellent for high-pressure and high-volume applications, providing maximum performance while taking up minimum space. You can optimize efficiency with reduced downtime for maintenance and repairs.

Milton Roy Industrial Mixers

Milton Roy manufactures mixing and agitating equipment through their Milton Roy Mixing brand. They offer both top-entry mixers and side-entry mixers based on your needs and tank configuration.

Electronics and Metering Systems

The accuracy of Milton Roy pumps and mixing equipment is enhanced even further when paired with their cutting-edge control systems and metering technology. You can achieve precise control and proactive monitoring with systems like their Streaming Current Detector (SCD) that measures the net electric charge of particles after coagulant dosing. This can be monitored in real-time to ensure consistent effluent quality.

Custom Systems

Milton Roy also offers custom system design to meet specific chemical injection requirements and cover the needs of extremely demanding chemical processing applications. If you have a unique challenge, Milton Roy and DXP Pacific can work together to help you find the ideal custom pump and control system solution.

To learn more about Milton Roy and its exceptional lineups of chemical pumps and specialty equipment, contact DXP Pacific today. Let our team help you find the right products for your chemical dosing and processing applications.