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Best Applications for an AODD Pump

Air-operated double-diaphragm pumps (better known as AODD pumps) are growing in popularity throughout various industries and applications. Their unique design and gentle movement make them ideal for handling challenging media, including shear-sensitive solids, slurries, corrosive chemicals, and highly viscous fluids. There are many different ways to utilize AODD pumps effectively.

Air-operated double-diaphragm pumps are positive displacement (PD) with two diaphragms, shifting the air supply from one fluid chamber to another. In addition, AODD pumps are sealless, operating with compressed air rather than a conventional motor system—allowing for a smooth, leak-free fluid transfer and movement of any suspended solids. As a result, AODD pumps are adaptable to a wide range of processing and treatment applications.

Here are a few of the most common uses:

Oil & Gas

Midstream and upstream systems utilize these pumps, as they safely handle toxic and corrosive liquids, while the sealless design prevents contamination and environmental leaks. In addition, the simplistic design efficiently moves oil, gas, and other petroleum-based products. Another benefit is maintenance simplicity and durability compared to other pumps in these extreme operating conditions. Industry experts sometimes refer to AODD pumps as “double-diaphragm oil transfer pumps” because they are so popular in the oil and gas industry.

Water & Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater processing provides a breadth of challenges, including chemicals, solids, and hazardous materials that travel into the facility. Therefore, water and wastewater treatment applications require pumps to handle these dangerous materials, particulates, solids, and corrosive liquids. This is why AODD pumps are commonly utilized for several water and wastewater applications, including:

            • Chemical Treatment

            • Water Purification

            • Dewatering and Solids Handling

            • Filter Press

            • Sludge Removal


It’s not easy extracting minerals and ores from deep within the ground. AODD pumps are ideal for mine dewatering, water supply to wash plants and other equipment, or slurry processing. They can handle high flow rates and eliminate leaks with the sealless design. They are also very lightweight and portable, making them great to move from one mine site to another with minimal effort.

Food Processing

Some AODD pumps are designed to meet specific hygienic standards for food and beverage processing and pharmaceutical production. They are great for transferring fluids with solids suspended inside, such as canned fruits and vegetables, while avoiding excessing mixing and shearing as materials run through the pump system.

Other Extreme Applications

AODD pumps are found in many other industrial processing applications, including paint, chemical treatment, waste contamination management, acid transfer metering, etc. They do not require electricity and are conveniently portable. In addition, they can handle line-size solids and will provide dependable, leak-free performance for many years when properly maintained.

Nomad is one of the world’s leading air-operated, double-diaphragm pump manufacturers. They produce a diverse line of AODD pumps, adaptable to different industries and applications, with construction materials ranging from stainless steel to polypropylene. In addition to their exceptional pump equipment, Nomad also produces aftermarket elastomer and non-elastomer parts adaptable to standard AODD pump systems from other top manufacturers. To learn more about AODD pumps from Nomad and see if an air-operated double-diaphragm pump is ideal for your specific application, contact DXP today. Let our team help you find the right pump for the job.