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How Custom Pump System Design Can Save You Money Over Time

Considering the total cost of ownership (TCO) will help you select the best pump system for your operation—but what goes into this total cost?

            • Equipment Purchase

            • Customizations

            • Installation

            • Maintenance

            • Parts Replacement

            • Repairs

            • Energy/Fuel Consumption

            • Productivity Gains and Losses (Processing Rates vs. Potential Downtime)

            • Equipment Lifespan

This article walks you through maximizing your investment.

Save More Now, Pay More Later

Sometimes, we focus solely on only the upfront costs, purchasing equipment that is less expensive because it fits our immediate budget. Unfortunately, it ends up costing the operation more over time. The pump system can’t provide efficient enough production due to consistent breakdowns, repairs, and lost production from the downtime. IA pumps can eventually break down completely and has to be replaced even sooner.

Having the right pump equipment that operates at its best efficiency point (BEP) saves the most money over time. Proper installation, preventative maintenance, and efficiency monitoring will also contribute to cost savings. The pump system will run better and last longer with the necessary engineering, care, and foresight.

Custom Design for Optimized Efficiency

We often overlook the value of pump system customization. Not all pump systems come straight from the manufacturer as “plug and play” solutions. Custom design can play a critical role in creating the BEP for your pump system, and it starts with finding the right equipment for the application at hand. There are many different types of pumps and specialized equipment that are designed to handle specific purposes. For example, you don’t want to design around a standard centrifugal pump when your application and process material call for a positive displacement pump.

Having the right pump is an excellent place to start. However, it is not everything. There may still be some customizations you can add and a custom system you can design around the primary pump, including specialized monitoring equipment or upgraded components (mechanical seals or higher-grade bearings). You may want to consider alternate construction materials or coatings if dealing with corrosive chemicals or hazardous materials. Aim to optimize energy efficiency and dial the system in to reach its BEP.

A Better Long-Term Investment

It may be extra work and additional expenses upfront—but remember that this long-term investment pays. Keeping it cheap and simple initially may backfire significantly over the long run. If you do everything right, you should have equipment that operates at peak efficiency and lasts longer, which ultimately lowers your TCO when you factor in all the expenses over time.

Whether you are installing a completely new pump system or are working to retrofit or upgrade your current system, be diligent and implement custom design ideas that you’ll be grateful for later.

DXP is your total pump system solution partner. Our expert team can help you with pump selection, custom system design, precision installation, and ongoing maintenance and repair services. Contact us today to get started on the road to long-term pump BEP and cost savings.