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BJM Introduces Heavy Duty High Head Dewatering Pumps

BJM, Cortech Engineering’s longstanding product partner, is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of industrial pumps and accessories. They recently released a brand new line of heavy duty high head dewatering pumps. The KHD and KHH Series are powerful and effective dewatering pumps that can handle high volumes and consistent flow rates for a wide variety of applications.
Features & Benefits
BJM’s KHD and KHH Series pumps range from 15 up to 100 horsepower. They are available in 460- or 575-volt configurations for superior reliability and maximum operational uptime. Other key features and benefits include:

  • More Uptime – Superior engineering and construction mean fewer breakdowns, easy installation and simpler maintenance. That leads to less downtime and more uptime.
  • Quality Construction – The volute casting is constructed from hardened ductile iron for excellent performance and durability.
  • No Leaks – The motor is protected by BJM’s advanced Double Mechanical Seal design with a separate lip seal to prevent leaking.
  • Longer Run Times – Class F Motor Insulation 302° F (150°C) is top-rated for NEMA specifications.
  • No Overheating or Motor Failure — These pumps have embedded thermal sensors in the motor windings to protect the motor from running too hot or failing prematurely.
  • Heavy Duty Power Cable – Seal Minder® Cable is durable and ideal for operating in harsh construction environments.

BJM KHD and KHH Series pumps are designed for high head dewatering situations, which makes them effective for many different industrial applications. Some of the industries that will see the most benefit from these incredible pumps include mining, aggregates, and construction.
Your Pump Provider
Our experts can help you select, customize, install and maintain these dewatering pumps, or any other type of industrial pump or monitoring system you need for your operation. To learn more about the BJM KHD and KHH Series heavy duty high head dewatering pumps and to set up the best configuration for your specific operation, contact Cortech Engineering today.