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Rotary Positive Displacement Pumps for Improving Fluid Transfer Systems

Rotary Positive Displacement Pumps for Improving Fluid Transfer Systems
When it comes to process control in fluid transferring systems, rotary positive displacement (PD) pumps can give you a major competitive advantage. We’re talking about continuous flow rates, improved control, increased throughput, and reduced waste. Our team at Cortech Engineering has put together some of the qualities you can expect with the right rotary positive displacement pump equipment and proper configuration/operation.

1. High Volumetric Efficiency
With PD pumps, volumetric machines are used and designed to handle fluids with a nearly continuous flow rate. The internal pumping components are actuated by relative rotary motion. The key is the input connection between the driver and the pump shaft. All of these components operate within a tight-fitting casing. Recirculation is minimal, and so is any slipping inside the pump chamber. These features are what allow rotary PD pumps to achieve high volumetric efficiency.


2. Rotary Motion
Rotary positive displacement pumps do not require inlet or outlet valves to isolate the pumping chamber during operation. This is a huge factor in differentiating between reciprocating positive displacement pumps because, instead of being linear, the actuation is through constant rotary motion. This helps avoid fluid pulsations during the suction and discharge strokes.


3. Constant Flow Rate
Essentially, a rotary PD pump allows you to create a constant flow rate at a given speed. System changes will have a negligible effect on the pump’s capacity, which makes them extremely versatile and dependable for a wide variety of fluid transfer applications.

Finding the Right Pump for your Operation
Cortech Engineering can help you find the ideal rotary positive displacement pump and configurations for your operation. We can also help with installation and provide ongoing maintenance programs to keep your pump running its best. As with any pump, rotary positive displacement pumps need to be properly maintained and adjusted over time to keep them working right and lasting as long as possible.
To learn more the rotary positive displacement pumps we offer, contact Cortech Engineering today.