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BJM Pumps Helps Solid Foods Manufacturer Solve Pumping Challenges

One of Cortech Engineering’s leading pump providers, BJM Pumps, recently published an article on their website that shows what their pumps can do. The article talks about a case study which covers how a top food packager uses BJM Pumps for solid food processing. Here is a short overview of what’s discussed in the article.
The First Challenge
This food packager produces many different items including jams, juices, syrups, diced fruit and purées. They also utilize a wide variety of packaging options. They were having issues at their California processing facility because they had a sump that was designed to catch stray fruit pieces that missed the hopper. However, it was very shallow and most submersible pumps wouldn’t work. The motors tended to overheat because of the low depth.
In 2011, the food packaging company was referred to BJM Pumps and the BJM Fahrenheit Pump was recommended to handle this challenging application. That same pump has been in use in the shallow sump since it was installed, and it is still working great.
More Solutions
That was just the beginning, though. Many different BJM pumps and accessories were purchased for the California facility, as well as the company’s Kentucky processing plant. In 2014, the first BJM Shredder Pumps were installed. Previously, they utilized standard wastewater pumps that just couldn’t handle the solid foods. Clogs were common and it led to a lot of downtime. These issues have not been a concern since the BJM Shredder Pumps were installed.
BJM designs a variety of pumps that handle solid waste, which is what made their pumps so ideal for a solid foods processing and packaging company like this. BJM Pumps are also corrosion-resistant and built to stand the test of time. They wanted pumps that were rated to run 24 hours a day and 7 days a week – which made BJM’s pumps a perfect fit.
Your BJM Pumps Resource
BJM Pumps helped solve this food processing company’s pump problems. To see if BJM has the right pumps to handle your challenging applications, contact Cortech Engineering today and we’ll help you make the right decisions for your pump needs.