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What Happens When Your Pump Has a Spill?

It is never a good thing when a pump has a spill. It doesn’t matter what kind of application it is, clean up and repair can be costly. And in the many cases where hazardous materials are being pumped, safety and environmental hazards are a major concern.
So, what are some of the most important things you need to be aware of in case of a pump spill? This article will cover some of the most urgent issues you will need to deal with.

  1. Safety Hazards
    First and foremost, you have to worry about the safety of your workers. Spills can be deadly in a number of ways, so make sure your workers are well trained. Safety precautions should always be put in place in case of pump spills. 
  1. Environmental Hazards
    If hazardous materials spill into the environment, not only will it be costly, but it will also put the people in your community at risk. Because of this, you must have an environmental hazard plan in place.
  1. Costly Repairs
    Obviously, repairing a damaged pump is never cheap. Make sure you are performing regular maintenance and tests to prevent costly pump spills. Or, invest in better equipment.
  1. Downtime
    When a spill occurs, it will lead to a lot of downtime for clean-up and repairs. Again, preventative maintenance and emergency plans will help reduce downtime.
  1. Loss of System Fluid
    Usually, it’s not just the area where the spill occurs that is affected. You should have your full system inspected and repaired, which includes checking all fluid levels before getting back to operations.
  1. Insurance Claims
    Employee injuries, property damage, environmental fines—these are all insurance concerns that can happen if a pump spill occurs.

So, how do you prevent pump spills? First, make sure you have quality equipment. A pump from Cortech Engineering will save you a lot of trouble down the road. Also, make sure you are following maintenance programs, performing regular equipment tests and have safety procedures in place. If the pump is working properly and your workers are properly trained, major accidents are less likely to happen.
For more information about pump safety, preventative maintenance, and product upgrades, contact Cortech Engineering today.