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BJM’s RAD-AX ® – SKG Series Awarded 2015 Product of the Year by Plant Engineering

Plant Engineering recently held their annual awards dinner to honor pumps and pump companies for their outstanding achievement in 2015.  The awards dinner was held on March 21, 2016, and Cortech is proud to say that BJM Pumps won the award for Product of the Year for 2015 with their RAD-AX ® – SKG Series.  As a distributor of this and other BJM Pumps pumps, Cortech is thrilled to continually sell a long list of superior, quality pumps like the RAD-AX® – SKG Series.
The RAD-AX® – SKG Series features dual shredding technology designed to conquer the thorn in the sides of all water treatment applications: the flushable wipe.  The flushable wipe is notorious for causing problems like blockages and malfunctions because the pumps used in the applications for wastewater treatment are unable to handle such solids. But, no longer.  The RAD-AX® is capable of handling flushable wipes and other difficult solids.  What was once considered impossible is now not only possible, but completed with ease.  In addition, this pump has been manufactured with a robust construction that reduces maintenance and prevents downtime to extend the life of the pump.  Some of the best features of the pump include:

  1. The Dual Shredding Technology that features both axial and radial shredding elements that are made with hardened 440C Stainless Steel.
  2. Double mechanical seals that have been oil-lubricated, including a separate lip seal.
  3. Early warning moisture detection made possible through heavy duty SOOW power and a Seal Minder® cable
  4. An efficient shredding system that prevents a high surge load to the motor.
  5. A high torque 4-pole motor connected to a volute design and high solids passage impeller.
  6. Two impeller trims to expand hydraulic coverage.

The motor of the pump is insulated with Class F motor insulation to allow the pump to reach up to 239°F and an automatic thermal switch that will turn off the motor in the event that the temperature reaches a dangerous level; it will automatically turn the motor back on when the motor returns to a safe operating temperature.
If you are interested in owning BJM Pumps’ RAD-AX® – SKG Series, the 2015 Plant Engineering Product of the Year, contact Cortech today to place an order.