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Pumps 101: Knowing the Basics

Pumps are used almost universally in all types of industries. On average, a company’s pump system utilizes about 27% of the total energy usage. They range in size, ability, performance, and function, but each and every pump has a specific purpose and need in a pump system. But before a pump is installed, it is important to understand the basics of the system itself.
First, there are two general types of pumps: a positive displacement pump and a centrifugal pump. There are many factors that contribute to the decision for which type of pump is proper for a particular application or pump system. Speaking with a pump expert is certainly a wise choice, but there are also many different types of pumps that will work for the same system. It all depends on what is needed.
Next, the motor, piping, and valves are another integral part of pump system. The motor itself will help keep the system running properly and effectively. Most pump systems run on an AC motor because they are known for their power and reliability. The piping used in the system will help maintain the flow of the liquid and will need to be properly suited for the application, as well. It is necessary to purchase and install piping that is able to withstand the abrasiveness of the liquid being pumped through it. Because of this, three things must be considered when purchasing piping: material type, cost, and dimensions. Finally, the valves control the flow of the application. Many can be used within the same setup depending on the need. Some valves are designed to remain open, some to open and close at specific intervals, and others to self-monitor when they are open or closed based on the conditions of the system at any given moment.
In addition to the basic components of a pump system, it is critical that each component suits your application to the fullest. This will help optimize your system to be both energy and cost effective. For help determining which products are best for your system, consult the experts at Cortech. They have worked with and designed pump systems for every industry with companies both large and small. Understanding all of the intricate details of a pump system is what they do best. Optimizing your system for your particular application will become a much simpler project with Cortech on your side.