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Case Study: Cortech Reduces Discharge Fee by 95 Percent

Industrial wastewater is a source of water pollution that is derived from the industrial process. In many plants, fresh water is used for production and cooling, and is then discharged as contaminated water. This process poses two concerns.
First, a company’s sustainable ethos is put in jeopardy when it contributes to water pollution. Second, there is a significant price tag attached to the disposal of contaminated water.
In response, companies like our recent client below are in need of advanced wastewater treatment solutions. Need this solution?
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One of our Chino clients, a large southern California bottle recycling company, is dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint, contributing to the environment, and preserving natural resources. Based off this stance, senior management knew something had to be done when their wastewater’s flow was 40 gallons per minute.
The concentration was so high that the wastewater nearly stood stagnant. Not only did this situation impede their commitment to sustainable practices, but it was also costing them a large discharge fee to the municipality.
Cortech Engineering knew we would be able to help. We interviewed key stakeholders to understand their process and then recommended an advanced separation system that removed the contaminated solids from the water. Manufactured by CWT (Clean Water Technologies, Inc.), the GEM (Gas Energy Mixing) system we installed produced impressive results, eliminating the entirety of the TSS and the majority of the COD and BOD.
Thrilled with the results, our client now receives a bill from the municipality that has decreased by over 95% on average. Additionally, their wastewater is much more pure, clean and environmentally friendly.
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