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Grundfos Pumps Help Prevent Massive Flooding

River in flood after several days of rain
Semarang, Indonesia is a beautiful coastal town that is often subject to flooding. With a population of 2 million, a lot of lives are at risk during a flood, not to mention the countless homes and other structures in the city. For this reason, the city, along with the aid of Grundfos and other governmental agencies, set out to create a pump station that would protect the city against floods.
Grundfos utilized their expertise in creating flood protection systems in combination with their state-of-the-art pumps to create a pump station for the city. The station is now fully functional and consists of eight propeller pumps that are capable of pumping 36,000 liters of water per second. In the event of a major flood, the pumps will be able to pump and divert water away from dwellings and citizens to reduce casualties and damages to the city.
This is the biggest project that Grundfos has completed in Indonesia, and they are happy to be providing the city with much needed safety from dangers they consistently face. Grundfos is in the process of training governmental agencies in Semarang to completely operate the pump station. Once they are trained, Grundfos will be available for any support the city may need regarding the pump station, but will give complete control of the station to the city.
Grundfos offers a range of stormwater tanks, pumps, and control and monitoring systems to provide any municipality with the tools they need to prevent flooding in low-lying areas around the world. For a full list of equipment, support, and ideas, contact Cortech today for any information you may need or to place an order. Cortech proudly provides quality Grundfos equipment worldwide.