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4 Ways to Extend Your Water Pump Life

water pump's efficiency

Water pumps are commonly used in municipal water and wastewater treatment plants, various industries, and marine applications throughout the world. A variety of pumps are utilized to pump water because it is generally a neutral fluid. However, not all water is equal, and every pumping application brings unique challenges.  Water may contain different salinity levels, […]

Centrifugal Pumps vs. Rotary Pumps: Understanding the Differences

centrifugal vs rotary pumps

With so many disparate types of pumps to consider, selecting the best one for your particular processing application can be challenging. It’s important to do your research before buying. This will ensure you procure the best pump for the job. Investing the time and money to make the right choice now can save you significant […]

The Importance of Pump Shaft Alignment

Shaft alignment is one of the most critical steps in the pump installation process. It is also something that must be inspected and tested regularly as part of a proper pump system maintenance plan. Many factors can affect pump shaft alignment. The slightest misalignment can cause significant problems during operation. These issues include poor equipment […]

What Is a Lantern Ring and Why Use it?

lantern rings

We’re not talking about a magical green ring that turns you into a superhero. We’re talking about lantern rings—critical components of many pump systems that use packing. They allow pressure or flush water to enter to protect the stuffing box. In addition, they keep contaminants out. A relatively simple pump component plays a very important […]

6 Benefits of a Centrifugal Pump for Chemical Processing

Centrifugal pumps commonly are used for many different processing applications in a variety of industries. Numerous centrifugal pumps are engineered specifically for chemical processing applications. They have specialized coatings, construction materials, and fittings for enhanced corrosion resistance. They are designed to handle harsh chemicals that might hinder optimized performance or cause excess wear and tear […]

8 Steps to Install a Mechanical Seal on a Centrifugal Pump

The mechanical seal is critical to the overall performance and durability of a centrifugal pump. It is designed to prevent fluid from leaking from the rotating shaft. Mechanicals seals feature two smooth and flat seal faces. One rotates with the shaft, while the other remains stationary with the pump casing. The seal faces are flexible […]

How to Prevent High Temperatures in High-Pressure Pumping Applications

Pumping applications that generate high pressures present a number of unique challenges. Increased pressure can damage the equipment or compromise the process fluid if the operation is not managed carefully. High pressures often lead to higher heat generation as well. Temperatures can rise within the pump and lead to overheating. This issue must be properly […]

5 Tips for Optimizing Boiler Feed Pumps

Thermal power plants rely on boiler feedwater pumps. Water is pumped into the boiler at high pressures to generate steam. Unfortunately, boiler feed pumps often consume a lot of energy. It is critical to optimize your equipment to reduce operating costs and improve the power plant’s overall thermal efficiency.  Even the smallest increase in energy […]

Five Advantages of Low-Shear Pumps

Shearing is a significant factor to consider when it comes to pump selection. Sometimes shearing is necessary, and the pump may be paired with a macerator or shredder to process difficult materials through the pump system. In many other cases, shearing is something you want to avoid. You don’t want your process materials to be […]

Is an AODD Pump the Best Choice for Your Application?

Air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps have become more popular in recent years. They are more versatile than you might realize, and they offer a number of unique advantages. However, proper pump selection is a critical step. It’s important to understand how AODD pumps work and determine if one is the right choice for your specific application. […]

How Versatile Are Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)?

At one point, variable frequency drive (VFD) systems were primarily used for fixed pumping applications with permanent mounts. However, pump technology continues to evolve. VFDs are more advanced than ever, and the technology will only get more impressive. Variable frequency drives have become quite versatile. Their usage spans several industries and pump applications, including temporary […]

Minimize Wear When Pumping Slurries

Many industries require pumping slurries and wastewater. It is common practice in mining and mineral production. Slurries are also used in industrial applications. It is an efficient method to move solids that have been macerated or pulverized by introducing water. Unfortunately, the multiple-media materials in slurries can cause excess wear and tear on standard pumps. […]