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Cornell Pumps for the Food Process Market

solids_handling-cornell_pump Some companies in the food processing sector stick with solids handling pumps. The problem with this is that they were not designed for the sole purpose of pumping food products. This is why, 40 years ago, Cornell Pumps introduced the market to the first hydro-transport pump. The Cornell P and PP series of the hydro-transport pumps are pumps that were designed with pumping food products in mind. This is their one and only purpose, allowing Cornell to focus on pumps that make sense for every aspect of the food processing marketplace. These pumps offer the lowest damage rates in the industry, which is why they have become the first and top choice of all companies in the industry. But, this does not mean other types of pumps can’t be used. But it does mean you want a brand that has the food process market in mind. Currently, Cornell manufactures five superior pumps designed for use in the food process market:

  1. Clear Liquid: This pump is the most reliable and durable pump on the market. It is highly efficient and suitable for applications within the industrial, agricultural, and municipal markets around the world. They come in many different configurations, such as SAE engine mounted, vertical, horizontal, and close-coupled.
  2. Solids Handling: Cornell’s solids handling pumps range from a 1.25” to 30” discharge size, making them ideal for wastewater applications. They are tough and durable. These pumps can also be purchased in many configurations, such as SAE engine mounted, vertical, horizontal, and close-coupled.
  3. Food Process: This is the hydro-transport pump designed specifically for the food process market. It has the lowest product damage rates in the industry and is ideal for food processors around the world.
  4. Self-Priming Series: If you are looking for a durable, yet energy efficient pump, the Self-Priming Series is the pump you need. It utilizes Cornell’s patented Cycloseal® back plate technology to add to the pump’s power and durability.
  5. V-Series: These pumps are medium duty centrifugal pumps that come with either a horizontal close coupled mount or a vertical mount. This is another Cornell pump that is highly efficient and durable.

There are many superior, durable, and efficient pumps to choose from for the food industry. Cornell is the brand that offers focused food process engineering to ensure all of your applications run smoothly and according to your standards. Contact a Cortech representative today to learn more about our offerings from Cornell.