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Cortech Applauds Grundfos' Commitment to Sustainability

With each day that passes, there is an opportunity for us to come together and work on the things that matter in the world. Sustainability is one of those things we should all be working on. There are precious few resources left in the world, and it is our job to use them wisely and ensure there are enough for future generations. Cortech is proud to partner with Grundfos, a company commited to sustainability.   There are many ways to work towards this goal of becoming more eco-friendly, and these are a few that Grundfos has committed to that will have the biggest worldwide effect.

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  1. Create products that help customers live out a sustainable lifestyle. They strive to engineer and invent products that, when they reach the consumer, reduce their energy and water usage. This allows customers to make their companies more sustainable in addition to Grundfos being more sustainable itself.
  2. Reduce environmental footprints. This refers to all of the ways in which their business dealings affect the environment. When they do business, they have committed to reducing their water usage to 50% of their usage in 2008 by 2025. They have also committed to never emitting more CO2 into the environment than they did in 2008. Grundfos has made these commitments with the knowledge that their company and sales will be growing over the next decades and higher production and output will be required. This promise means they will continue to create and develop more eco-friendly ways to run their current processes and still deliver great pumps.
  3. Grundfos is committed to a safe and open workspace. One of the only ways that they can hold true to their sustainability commitments is through the united front of their employees. Without them, consistent work towards sustainability will be hindered. To ensure employee retention is high, morale is good, and workplace injuries are low, they are committed to making Grundfos a safe and enjoyable place to work for all of their employees.

By partnering with Grundfos, Cortech hopes to demonstrate that we are taking it upon ourselves, along with the help of our communities, consumers, and employees, to work towards protecting our resources.