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Cortech Product Feature: PumpWorks Model PWA-IL B73.2 In-Line Process Pump

Cortech Engineering has a long-standing relationship with PumpWorks. Aside from being a leading manufacturer of innovative and durable process pumps, PumpWorks’ products are made right here in the United States. Each component is built, constructed and tested in their foundry located in Houston, Texas.
For those unfamiliar with PumpWorks, the manufacturer builds pumps for a variety of industries. For example, when you need a low-flow, horizontal process pump for your industrial application, consider the Model PWA-IL B73.2 in-line process pump from PumpWorks.
Mechanical Features
The PumpWorks Model PWA-IL is ANSI compliant. It is a low-flow horizontal process pump that features multiple seal chambers for maximum sealing flexibility. It also has a back pull-out design that allows for simple maintenance, which means minimal downtime for your operation.
All Model PWA-IL pumps are constructed with carbon steel liquid ends for exceptional pressure containment and optimum durability. Different flange arrangement options are available for ANSI compliance, whether you need class 150# or class 300# for your application. Carbon steel is also used for the pump’s power frame, adapter, bearing housing and motor support. The impeller can be adjusted externally, and the rotating element is removable without disturbing the motor or piping. This is just a small sampling of the great mechanical features associated with this pump.
Dynamic Performance
Test flows for the PumpWorks Model PWA-IL have been measured up to 7,500 GPM with discharge test pressures up to 740 PSI. Other performance measurements include a supply tank that’s rated from full vacuum to 65 PSI, 3,600 RPM and a variable frequency drive that enables very precise speed control through 500 HP at 460 volts.
The Model PWA-IL B73.2 in-line process pump from PumpWorks is ideal for numerous applications and industries, including:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Aviation & Alternative Fuels
  • Primary Metals
  • Food & Beverage
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Waste Treatment
  • Power Generation
  • General Industry

The Right Process Pump for the Job
When you need exceptional in-line horizontal process pump performance with dependability and durability, look no further than the PumpWorks Model PWA-IL B73.2. This is a great pump that is versatile, easy to maintain and will give you the low-flow results you desire.
To learn more about the PumpWorks Model PWA-IL B73.2 in-line process pump, contact Cortech Engineering today. Our pump experts will help you make the right decisions and get the PumpWorks product you need for your specific industrial application.