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Improving Safety Conditions in Wastewater Industries with Explosion-Proof Pumps

When it comes to managing wastewater, there are certain safety standards that are important to keep in mind. Most commonly, these safety issues arise when wastewater treatment facilities are located next to a landfill. In these cases, federal safety standards are put in place to protect the groundwater from contamination by leachate, which is the resulting liquid that seeps through a landfill after it rains.

Federal requirements demand that some landfills use plastic liners to collect and treat leachate. In the cases of wastewater treatment facilities located next to landfills, dealing with the threat of leachate is a constant concern as it might affect the safety of the plant personnel, the pumping equipment and the water being treated.

One of the most important decisions to make is installing the correct equipment for such a demanding application. When looking for a sump pump to handle wastewater management and potential leachate, here are some of the key features you will want to look for:

  • Explosion-Proof Motor
    This is a vital feature needed for this kind of sump pump being used in what is classified as a hazardous area. The threat of flammable gasses could be there, and you do not want a pump motor giving off arcs from an electrical motor.
  • Acidic Fluids Handling
    You will also want a sump pump that can effectively handle highly acidic fluids. It may be collecting unscreened wash-down water, cooling tower blowdown, dewatering press filtrate or membrane bioreactor (MBR) permeate. This combination of wastewater can create an acidic solution with low pH levels that would corrode standard cast iron submersible pumps.
  • Capable of Passing Rigid Solids
    The pump in question should be able to process solids of up to 0.5” in size and spherical in shape. Leachate entering a wastewater sump pump can contain up to 10,000 mg/L of solid materials.
  • Ample Flow Rate
    The required flow rate may depend on your specific situation and wastewater processing needs. An average flow rate for wastewater treatment facilities will be in the 600 GPM (gallons per minute) and 78’ TDH (total dynamic head) range.

BJM Pumps specializes in submersible pumps ideal for wastewater management. One of their most popular models for this industry is the XP-SKX Submersible Shredder Pump that includes all of the features above and more. It includes an explosion-proof motor, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, solids shredder and three-seal motor protection to safely handle the most intense wastewater processing applications.

To learn more about wastewater sump pumps from BJM Pumps and to find the right pump for your specific industrial application, contact Cortech Engineering today. We’ll help you make sound decisions when it comes to all your pump processing needs.