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Cortech Product Partner: Nomad

Nomad is a premier manufacturer of industrial gear pumps. They are known worldwide for their innovative designs and dependable engineering, with pumps and parts that can handle a wide variety of demanding industrial applications.
Nomad is a featured brand of JDA Global, LLC. JDA is based out of California and is the world’s largest manufacturer of after-market diaphragm pump products. Their Nomad headquarters is based in Redlands, California and specializes in gear pump manufacturing, sales and support. The Nomad company motto is “No Boundaries.” It represents their belief that anything is possible, which keeps the design team pushing forward with new ideas and innovative strategies. This approach is what has made Nomad one of the world’s top names in gear pumps.
How It Works
Nomad pumps utilize a proprietary positive displacement design. It is very reliable and effective, using an intermeshing rotor and idler to produce dependable results. All Nomad pumps and parts are also interchangeable with other leading pump brands, meaning Nomad products can be retrofitted and adapted for a wide variety of operations. This versatility is a huge advantage.
Nomad calls their design the “gear within a gear” principle. A distinctive crescent shape is used to separate the liquid and also acts as a seal between the suction and discharge ports. The intermeshed rotor and idler teeth work together to form locked pockets. This leads to excellent volume control because the seal is equidistant from the ports.
The positive displacement design of Nomad gear pumps makes them ideal for high-viscosity liquids. Therefore, they are used in many different industries where highly viscous liquids and process media need to be conveyed. Nomad gear pumps keep the liquid flowing at dependable rates with minimal downtime and easy maintenance.
Nomad Pump Products
Nomad gear pumps are available in different designs and configurations to meet your specific application needs. Some of their most popular pump series include:
The NG Series pumps are designed to be very cost-effective. They can be used for continuous or intermittent duty. They require minimum maintenance and very little downtime. The innovative stuffing box design accepts packing, cartridge seals or component single mechanical seals without modification. The large diameter of the bearing housing is threaded for easy rotor clearance adjustment. This helps with high-viscosity or high-temperature liquids.
NC-4195 Series
The NG-4195 Series of Nomad Pumps are designed with a single mechanical seal. They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations and can be connected to motors ranging from 1200-1800 RPM. They feature a more rigid pump foundation with a one-piece cast bracket that allows seals and bearings to last longer.
After-Market Parts
Nomad and JDA Global have a massive list of after-market pump parts and accessories that will allow your Nomad pumps to last longer and keep running at peak efficiency. Whatever component you need, it’s easy to get and easy to replace with Nomad and JDA Global parts.
Your Nomad Gear Pump Resource
Cortech Engineering is a leading product partner with JDA Global and Nomad. When you need to find the right Nomad gear pump for your application, contact Cortech. One of our engineering experts will work with you to determine your needs and configure the ideal pump for your specific situation. We’re always here to help, so contact us today and put a powerful Nomad gear pump to work for you!