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Ecoverde Introduces 4 Bioscrubbers That Eliminate Odors

Ecoverde Bioscrubber Ecoverde bioscrubbers offer the best technology in odor elimination on the market today. Ecoverde’s 30-year research into making the most cost-effective and odor eliminating machine has allowed them to produce a product that is proven even more effective than testing and estimations originally predicted. During actual use, it quickly became clear that the new EG series of bioscrubbers were producing better removal rates at higher loading rates than was expected. Recently, the company released four new bioscrubbers that are ready for sale and shipment.
The four bioscrubbers are eco-friendly and offer a 100% chemical free solution to eliminating odors in many types of environments. The current machines are best suited for wet wells and plant processes. Four models have been created to allow consumers to choose the one that fits their size the best. But, even the smallest one, the EG Mini Bioscrubber, is fully capable of handling even the worst of odors, all without the use of chemicals. The bioscrubber comes in three progressively larger sizes to accommodate the size of your plant or application – not the size of the odor! Each size is ready to take on equally large odors.
All four models are flexible, require very little maintenance, and are equipped with a multistage capacity. They have been designed to be bioscrubbers with the most cost effectiveness, highest energy efficiency, and best adaptability in the industry. Ecoverde’s EG series of bioscrubbers have been tested and approved by customers for all odor control applications.
The right EG bioscrubber for your application will mostly depend on the size of the area needing odor removal. For any questions regarding the bioscrubber that is right for you, please contact us, and we would be happy to help you determine the correct bioscrubber for your application. Cortech is proud to distribute Ecoverde pumps.