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Cortech and BJM Pumps Install Shredder Pump at Hospital

BJM pumps
BJM Shredder Pumps are some of the best in the industry; even customers think so. When one customer was having issues with their sewage ejection pumps, Cortech immediately saw a solution in recommending BJM Shredder Pumps.
In this particular case, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center was experiencing many issues with their sewage system backing up from the amount of disposable wipes and rags being flushed into the system. The sewage system was not designed to handle solid waste of this kind, and it led to many backups. Not only that, but it required the maintenance team to be on call for all nights, weekends, and holidays. They did not enjoy coming to work at 2:00am on Christmas morning and the hospital would rather not spend extra money to pay for overtime and holiday pay. Cortech knew the best solution was installing reliable, durable, and powerful BJM Shredder pumps.
The BJM Shredder pumps are capable of handling 3.5-inch solids at 570 gallons per minute with a maximum of 59 feet of head. These are powerful pumps ready to destroy disposable wipes and rags that make their way into the sewage system at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center. Cortech and the hospital staff determined the best pump for the job was the BJM SK55C Submersible Shredding Pump.
15 months ago, Cortech completed the installation of two of these pumps at the hospital. Since then, the maintenance team has experienced a dramatic decrease in late night, weekend, and holiday calls to come in and unclog the sewage system; they even had their first Christmas off in years. In addition, the hospital has incurred decreased costs in maintenance, equipment to unclog the sewage system, and special payroll hours.
The hospital could not be more pleased with the outcome of the installation of the BJM pumps and is now asking that Cortech install four more pumps into the system to increase efficiency and reliability.